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The ultimate feast---Review qualification recruitment for newest PCOCC-A headphone cables



Thanks to its consistently high price-performance ratio, FiiO is widely welcomed by users on Head-Fi. Presently, we are not only No.1 in the portable amplifier and portable DAC markets, but also the sales leader in the 192k/24b HD lossless audio player niche market. But apart from this, there is something that you might not be aware of--FiiO is also the only company that arranges for mass production of LO cables and headphone cables. Many types of cables are on sale now, and most of them are made from OYAIDE-branded PCOCC-A cable purchased from Japan Furukawa Electric.

As you may know, Japan Furukawa Electric has announced the end of production for PCOCC-A cable due to the low market demand. With the assistance of our business partner OYAIDE, we were fortunate enough to catch the last bus to get a considerable amount of PCOCC-A cable. Now we have received some of this cable, and the first batch of assembled PCOCC-A LO and headphone cables have gone to market already.

In order to let more customers know about these new cables, we are pleased to hold this reviewer recruitment event, as detailed below:


1. Involved Models: RC-HD1, RC-UX1 and RC-MH1


2. Application Time: Nov 1st, 2013-Nov 10th, 2013


3. Review List Announcement :Nov 11th and 12th, 2013


4. Review Qualification:

a) Five free reviewers:For those who pass our qualification approval for this category, each reviewer can get one RC-HD1 (or RC-MH1) and one additional RC-UX1 free of charge.

b) Ten reviewers with product at half price: For those who pass our qualification approval for this category, each reviewer may buy one RC-HD1 (or RC-MH1) and optionally one RC-UX1 at half the retail price. The reviewer should have a PayPal account for payment.

c) We would send the parcel by express delivery.


5. Review Regulation:

Reviewers should do the review fairly and objectively, and related product photos are required.
Reviewers should not overstate the advantages of the products.
Reviewers should indicate that the review products are free samples, in order to avoid any misunderstandings.
Reviewers do not need to send the review content to us for examination; however, reviewers should be responsible for the authenticity and objectivity of the content, and is obliged to make amendments accordingly in case of any errors due to inadequate understanding of the products.



6. To sign up,please reply to this thread with the following information:

Headphone(s) you possess:

Descriptions and links to review(s) you have posted:



Introduction to RC-HD1 Introduction to RC-MH1 Introduction to RC-UX1








Compatible Models

Sennheiser HD598



V-MODA M80/M100

Extension Cable


Plug(mm) / F or M

2.5/M to 3.5/M

3.5/M to 3.5/M

3.5/F to 3.5/M





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