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The JDS combo does not come with a line-out, just a headphone output, still might function ok as a line-out.


Audio-GD NFB-15.32, DAC & Head Amp, with separate line-out, $255+shipping.

Dual WM8741 DAC chips and USB and S/PDIF (optical & coaxial) inputs

I think it does have an line out but its a 3.5mm line instead of a RCA output?

Analog Input 3.5mm
Analog Output 3.5mm


EDIT: I see those outputs are for the amp only. I am really more of a headphone guy but I think it makes a lot more sense to be able to use the DAC and the AMP separately in case I want to upgrade one or the other?



Also: I'm going to sound pretty dumb here but the deal is I gave away a guitar amp I had been using as speakers to show people youtube videos and stuff and so I need some speakers. I don't really want to spend much on them (under $50) as I am a headphone guy but I think I should still connect even crappy speakers to my DAC/AMP as it would help their sound. But I am honestly confused as hell about all this amp and pre-amp stuff. Do most speakers have amps in them and just need the dac?

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Typical computer speakers have an amp inside them, so you connect them to an analog line out. Meaning you would just connect the speakers to the DAC, not the amp, unless the amp also has a line out. 

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