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UE900 Price Glitch UK £329.99 to £169.99? - Page 2

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Recived order confirmation by mail and order number.

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me too. Just received the order confirmation... !

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Here in Swiss, they are also half price, very tempting ...

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I still haven't received an order confirmation. So I will wait and see.
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Has anyone noticed that the price has now gone back to what it was before the discount?

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I tried checking the UK site and also German, French etc. But all were at normal price. So I guess the offer is over. I doubt it was a mistake that was made on several sites in different countries and at least two currencies. Congratulations to the ones who managed to bag a pair.

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I still see 169 p in the uk ue store.
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Are these regarded as good IEM's?

for little bit more, you can buy a brand new pair of Shure SE425???

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Many who like a neutral or aggressive tuning don't like these as they're pretty relaxed. I find them very good at their price with 2/3 blocked pinholes and a 100 Ohm adapter (included in the package). They're just about the best, most boring iems I can think of. So relaxed, slightly warm but still neutral. Plays well with anything really and makes you focus on the music.


Stock ones fit mainstream music pretty well if you like laid back, warm, bassy sound with some sparkle but not too prominent treble.

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add them to the basket - price changes.

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Should I mention that the £299 UE 9000 over-ears also show as £169 on their info page and when added to cart?  Probably not, but they do...


Edit:  The UE6000 are only £89 too!


Edit 2:  Is there anything they sell that hasn't got the glitch?  I think not...

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Just got off the phone from logitech. Even though I placed my order while it said it was in stock, it appears it was actually out of stock at that time.

He doesn't know exactly when new stock will be arriving as they are expecting it within the first half of November. So it could be as early as next week if not following week. Stock levels can be checked by placing the ue900 in the basket.

Hope this helps for those who purchased it.
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Ah ok... that's a shame. Anyway, damn you who found this and curse that I HAD money. I bought both the UE 900 and 6000.. Seemed like a good idea, probably going to resell them as they're full retail + 20% over here.

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interested to see the first hand impressions(physical) from those who ordered from UE-UK (for £169) lately....whether these are fresh pieces from factory unlike customer returns, refurbished, stock accessories changed/some discontinued etc....let's hope it might not be the case here.:wink:

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I don't think UE would sell second hand items. If they were to do it... well. Not all publicity is good publicity.
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