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Hello everybody,


Recently, my IE RE-ZERO's from Hifiman started giving out in one ear and after testing where the issue may originate by slowly pinching along the length of the wire while listening to music, I think I found out that the problem is the jack. However, as many of you may know, the RE-Zeros use a non-traditional 3.5mm balanced headphone plug (TRRS), and a replacement balanced plug is a little difficult (although not impossible obviously) to come across, but I am wondering if there is anything preventing me from soldering on a standard 1/8" stereo plug instead of trying to replicate the original plug; I've just been using the standard 3.5mm headphone jack adapter that came with the headphones anyway since I do not have a balanced amp. I don't know much about soldering, but I have been watching a few tutorials and I think I can do it, so if any of you dudes have any recommendations regarding necessary soldering precautions, or any recommendations regarding the project in general, that would also be much appreciated. I really like these headphones and they have served me well, but it's too bad that apparently the jacks aren't incredibly durable. 


Thanks in advance!