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Sub Woofers, what to look for?

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I have a Boss car stereo that runs two 8" 40 watt speaker. But I want to add 'one' sub-woofer.


what do I look for?? A dual sub-woofer?  or a dual "coil" sub woofer? I think they are the same.


 And what kind of wattage ?? are the watts listed on the speakers the max it will take or should I look for an 80watt woofer??


I think this must be the one????

Boss Audio 12" Dual 4-Ohm Voice Coil Subwoofer (One Subwoofer)

but it says:

  • Power peak: 2300W
  • RMS: 1150W


or should I get one that says:

  • 8" subwoofer
  • 800W max, 400W RMS

I do not want to add another amp. I live off grid and power is scarce.

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What amp to get is completely subjective to what sub you get, what sub you get is completely subjective to what kind of sound you want. What type of enclosure will you be putting it in or do you plan on building one yourself?
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I would build a very simple box.the stereo has four channels, so I think I can use 40watts  per channel.????  I do NOT want to add more power using amps.

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so am I right ?? do I have to restrict the watts of the woofer to about 80 watts? or add another amp?

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I suggest seeking help at diyMobile. A car audio forum is a better place to get help with car subwoofers than a headphone enthusiast forum smily_headphones1.gif
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