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Suggest a headphone and a mp3 player?

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I'm looking for an mp3 player and some headphones to go with it, I listen to dream pop. This kind of stuff.

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Sandisk Sansa Clip Zip, $40, with an add-on Micro-SD memory card (8GB, 16GB, 32GB)

Sony E series have good audio quality, for the price and a bigger screen and a longer battery life, then the Clip Zip.

(but the Sonys come with a fixed memory, can't add Micro-SD cards).


JVC HA-S500 on-ear folding closed headphones, $60


Might also try posting mp3 player questions on the website anythingbutipod.

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Originally Posted by PurpleAngel View Post





Around 150 dollars on the headphones, and around 100 on the mp3. I'm looking for some nice bass and isolating sound.

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 I agree with PurpleAngel in terms of the MP3 player commendations. I still own and use a Clip Zip and have previously owned some of Sony's recent Walkmans. Both are impressive devices, though the fact that the Clip Zip is so small and expandable (up to 32gb) means I usually recommend it over almost any budget player.


In terms of Headphones, you said that you're looking for nice bass. Do you mean bass that is very prominent or bass that is merely accurate? If you're looking for a bass heavy phone then the Sony MDR-XB500 is a good choice. It's one of the most comfortable pairs I've ever used and despite the fact that it's bass heavy it never feels overpowering. Unfortunately, it's been discontinued and it's replacements aren't anywhere near as good. However, you can usually still find some places to get it, either new or used. If you're looking for something perhaps a bit more neutral I recommend one of the Sennheiser models from their 400 series. The Sennheiser 419 is the most bass heavy of them and can normally be found around $35, and for the price they're hard to beat, also they have velour pads which are fairly comfortable. The Sennheiser 428 is the pair I have used the most though, and has been one of the phones I've owned that I thought was great out of the box and just started to sound even better as time went on. It's fairly neutral though it seems to have a tendency to make the bass quiet. The bass is there and can be heard clearly, but it's noticeably quieter than many other phones I have.  The Sennheiser 439 though is like the perfect fusion of the 419 and 428. It has the velour pads of the 419 and has better bass than the Sennheiser 428, but also remains fairly neutral. The 428 is usually about $50 and the 439 is about $85.

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