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Originally Posted by Matias View Post

I never had any problems with the volume slider whatsoever. Never bumped the volume more than I wished, never did the piece fall of. I think people just want to nitpick and find problems where there are none. Sure, say about the battery life (which is the same for many other high-end DAPs) or the lag, but the volume slider imho is perfect.

I read the same article and I was certain that he was going to mention the battery life as the dealbreaker.

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Yeah I thought the same too (about the battery life).  Hope he knows that the volume slider is magnetic and can be removed and that the slider can be disabled in the settings in favor of the on screen volume control.

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I have recently sold my ak120 and have my Fitear Parterre's for sale. My rig is the M + Lab 1. This combo absolutely does it for me.

I am selling the Parterre's because I don't think they have outstanding synergy with the M. They sound great but lose some of the 'out of head' soundstage/imaging which I think is the best attribute of FitEars. I also only want to have one DAP. Because the M sounds so good with the Lab 1 I have chosen the M as that one DAP.

So with selling the ak120 and Parterre I will have a few bucks to throw back in to audio. Was thinking of starting down the full size cans path but I think that will end up being a money pit that I don't quite want to jump into yet.

So what iem's do u guys think have the best synergy with the M?

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My Westone ES2 customs sound very good with the M.  I haven't tried other IEMS or customs with the M though.  I'm guessing some of the other Westone Customs such as the ES5 or ES60 probably also sound great with the M too.

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I just received my calyx m from Audio Advisor along with my 256gb pny sd card. Question is in the USA does the Calyx M come sealed at all? Mine has no plastic wrap or stickers to seal the box.
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Good question. My M was purchased through Chane Music & Cinema but was shipped by US Distributor Chris Zainea. Chris was great! He has answered any questions that I had on the M and he updated the firmware on my M prior to shipping to 1.01 so my M arrived with the latest firmware. He also charged the battery so it arrived with a full charge.
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Anyone else?
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Mine want wrapped, I am in AUS.
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Was considering trying the Audeze LCD-XC with the M, but then I came across this:


I think I'll wait to see the new model that Audeze has in store for us at next month's CES!
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Originally Posted by Poimandres View Post

Anyone else?


In China it was definitely wrapped but this was a local distributor release (Square Wave) with Chinese labels etc.

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I know of certain shops who will actually test their equipment before shipping in order to reduce dead on arrival events.

Calyx packaging however is a strange one due to so many variations it has globally.
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