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For Sale:
Cypher Labs Algorhythm Solo (original version)

Will Ship To: Can/US

CLAS is sold.  LOD/usb cable sold... mini-mini available for $70 shipped



Also available is upgraded Whiplash Audio Twag V2 LOD/ mini-mini connectors that are much better sounding than the original. I paid $230 for the pair but will sell for $130 shipped

Also in this ad is an ALO 3.5mm to RCA in case you want to plug it into your pre-amp/ integrated. In my case, that's what I used to plug into my Stax amp. I paid $50 from Elusive Disc and will sell for $35.
Excellent condition

And another cable, incase you have an SR-71B or other balanced amp with the RSA/ALO balanced out put, that allows you to plug in your balanced headphones to your portable amp. That was also $100 but I will sell it for $50.

Shipping and pp fee is included if you prefer to pay that way. EMT works great too up here in Canada!

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