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Battle of the premium portables... :)

Poll Results: Wich is the best all rounder?

  • 79% (19)
    Sennheiser Momentum
  • 16% (4)
    Sennheiser Amperior
  • 4% (1)
    Sony Mdr-1r
24 Total Votes  
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Hi there my headfier friends... :)


Here i am once again with one of those difficult choices so lets just get straight to the point...


A year ago these three portable headphones costed 300 euros each.... Now i can buy them for 160 euros euros each....


So here are the contenders....



Sennheiser Momentum (already have them, bought for 160 euros in a portuguese store, love the sound, but i have to try hard to get a good fit so i am still thinking if i should or not sell....some say these are the best of the three in terms of resolution and sound quality... true?)



Sennheiser Amperior (160 euros on the french amazon, always had a crush on the hd25's, never tried them but seeing my favourite edm producers wearing them all the time makes me think they are amazing...)



Sony Mdr 1r (150/160 euros on spanish and french amazon, silver version is prettier but slightly more expensive, from what i read these are also very good and very confortable...)



I listen to a wide variety of music,from florence and the machine, bon iver, metronomy and radiohead, to bloc party, biffy clyro artic monkeys, queens of the stone age or even stuff like system of a down and end my day with a variety of edm that starts with deep house, evolves to house, progressive and finally ends with trance music (lets say 40% of my ipod is edm).


So basically as you guys can see i want the better all rounder and i want it not only to shine on portable and street use but also to be a very good home headphone (i like buying versatyle things)


Any opinions on this matter are more than welcome... :)




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Bump... :)

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I think the Amperior is best for your music choice, the Momentum and the 1R are quite slower and more mellow sounding compared to it. However its on ear design makes it uncomfortable really fast. 

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Momentum's aren't bad, but if we compare them vs the Amperior they are more laid back sounding and smooth. If you want a fast headphone with good bass punch you'll like the amperior. 

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So basically the amperiors are the best option for edm and fast paced rock while the momentums are great for pretty much everything else right? Is it me or do they complement each other.....? XD


Now you guys are making me want both.... XD


I like some roger sanchez, some defected stuff and some above and beyond but i also have my days of kings of leon, coldplay, keane and stuff like that... XD


Yap i need the best all rounder, i would love to have both and at 160 euros each they are not bad deals at all, but unfortunatelly i cannot spend all my money on headphones... :)

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Anyone please? :)

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bUMPS.... xd

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Goosebumps.... XD

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I've owned both the amps and momentums. Personally, I prefer the amps for their quick response and forward treble, it makes listening so much more enjoyable.

Only downside is that I'm constantly adjusting the headband with it clicking out of place constantly.

The momentums for style, decent sound, and portability but they are not comfortable for me and the sound is more relaxed in a way.

So get the Amps if you like the more forward sound signature, the style kinda grows on you but people tell me that they are unattractive but who cares what they think, I actually find them quite comfortable just dislike the adjusting the head band part at times.

Personally, I'd go for the amperiors for the sound on the go and they do very well for isolation.
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