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Hey guys,


You already helped me well in finding my current setup, so i figured i'd come here again to ask for advice.


Current Setup:

Source: IPod Video 30GB

Amp: Fiio E11

Cans: Beyer DT770 Pro 80Ohm

DIY Cables and LOD


I use this Setup for my daily 4h commute. Plus the Headphones serve me well at home through a scarlet 2i2.


I now am searching for a second pair of Headphones. Why? Well apart from the Beyer's beeing great Headphones, from time to time they leave a bit to be desired. For starters, i mainly listen to Metalcore and even harder stuff. The Bass on the Beyer's is great but geats muddy at times with fast bassdrums. And i'm missing the sparkle in the trebles a bit for guitar solos and singing...

Although Metal is my favorite music, my playlist normally is very diverse. From Taylor Swift over Einaudi to Heaven Shall burn i carry all with me and tend to listen to all of this. With Pop and acoustic music i'm missing space in the headphones. The Beyer's isolate ok'ish but that comes with a closed feeling. Sometimes thats good, mostly it's not so much.


Don't get me wrong. I love the Beyer's. They sound great and deliver fun music. Yet i'm searching for a different sounding pair to switch from day to day.

What have i thought of? I thought of AKG or Sennheiser. Both seem to be known for there trebly sound signature and Spacey sound. The K701 seem to be a great deal. The HD598 seem to be in a similar range.

On top i looked at the K550. Since i use my HP's for commute a closed design seems nice (but doesn't have to be).


So to sum this up: Mid-Fi HP with a sound s ignature that differentiates itself from the Beyer's. Budget: up to 150€ but i'm fine with used HP's.

Feel free to recommend what ever you feel i should have a look at. At my local Musicstore i'm able to listen to a wide varity of Headphones live and may use my own source. I'm not stuck on any brand.


Thanks in advance for reading all this and maybe having a tip for me!


regards, Dominik


P.S.: I have a larger head and deeper earcups generally do fit me better. My ears are not overly big but need some space...