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SVS has measurements of their subs that appear to be accurate. You can see the graphs through links on their product pages. The PB-1000 definitely extends lower. Whether you need that extra extension or not for rock, metal, and classical is doubtful unless you listen to organ music.

My understanding is that the Tektons are popular because of their high sensitivity. I'm fan of using a crossover with a good sub for smoother integration of the sub with the speakers. If you want to be able to play the Tektons really loud, then PB-1000 probably makes more sense because of its additional SPL over the SB-1000. Plus, when you integrate a sub with speakers at a higher crossover, it tends to take some of the pressure off a receiver (and the speakers) to produce those lower bass frequencies. But I have not heard the Tektons, so I don't know enough about them. If you haven't been unhappy with the Polks to produce the amount of volume you need, there are plenty of other speakers to explore as long as you are getting a good sub to pick up the lowest frequencies.
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so i guess the tektons are just a novelty thing it seems like, the arx a5 seems to have better reviews and they even said they sound better than the lore for 350 cheaper. the polks definitely get loud they just sound really screechy and horrible when they are loud, and when they are turned down there is no detail. i think the tweeter is the fault there. i have tried bi amping them and it didn't help also. i have 20 year old pair of bic DV52si's and they sound so much more natural and more detailed than the polks for whatever reason. i haven't read that much about the arx a5 but so far it looks like my best choice, i just hope that crazy polar magnetic tweeter works as good as they say lol. im still crossed between the subs, i listen to mostly rock and acoustic but i love deep bass for movies as well. i think i would rather have quality but then again i don't know if the sealed sub would be good paired with tower speakers like you said because it doesn't output as much to match the difference also the towers should be able to handle things down to 50 hertz and then the sub can handle the low low parts so i guess i would be better off with the ported sub.

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Arx definitely have a good reputation. They and Ascend Acoustics are direct competitors in the market. The other brand I'd look at is the EMP Teks.
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well the arx apparently has made in china drivers, so idk if i can stomach that. i found these  http://www.htd.com/Products/level-three-speakers/Level-THREE-Tower-Speakers  but i haven't found any reviews on them yet. i think i want those planar tweeters though they seem to all sound less harsh.

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It's very, very difficult now to find home audio speakers where at least some of the components are not made in China. I'm sure your Polk equipment all has some Chinese made components (if not completely manufactured in China). Would bet that those HTDs do, too. If that's a requirement for you, good luck. I think you'll have a very hard time finding some good speakers.

Whether or not the tweeters sound harsh has more to do with the quality of the particular tweeter and the internal crossover implementation. For instance, both B&W and Paradigm use dome tweeters in their very high end speaker lines costing several thousand a pair (in fact, I think they use domes in all their speakers). The Sees tweeters used in NHT speakers and with the Ascend Acoustics speakers you were looking at are noted for being non-fatiguing and not harsh. So I recommend worrying more about how reviewers say the speaker sound rather than trying to generalize in such a broad way. Ironically, note that, according to that product page, the HTD Level Threes are not available because of a tweeter problem.
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yeah i guess i have to be less biased. although i think the lores are all American made, i might just have to get those still. i did notice the htd tweeter problem, considering i listen to music loud that definitely wouldn't be a good idea then to get htd. i have also noticed with the polks that they sound allot better with more open acoustic music but they fail at playing fast paced rock or anything with dominant treble, is that a common speaker layout, being good with a certain type of music? because i would be much better of with a speaker that was meant to play rock. in you opinion would i be happier with the lore or the nht or ascend acoustics or something else? i just look at the lores and think they would fair well with rock but i have no idea. i do prefer a warmer sound but that might be because of the music i listen to and the fact that the polks have been killing my ears lol.

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Well, Steve Guttenberg says that the Tekton M-Lore woofers are American and the tweeters are European. Of course you never know where the rest of it is made.

Anyway, since I'm sitting here listening to my CBM-170 SEs, I'll encourage you again to look into the CMT-340 SEs again. The CMT-340s have dual 6.5" drivers. This gives them 264 sq inches of surface area to generate mid bass, as opposed to the 201 inches of the 8" drivers of the Tektons. All other things being equal, more cone area means easier to create bass. Also, the Tekton M-Lore claims 38hz on their website, but they don't give a +/-3db rating. So they could be -10db down by 38hz. For example, Polk advertises your TSi400s as 34-25KHz . But if you look at their website, the -3db rating is 44hz. There may not be useable output by 34hz with them, or at 38hz with the Tekton M-Lores.

Dave Fabrikant of Ascend Acoustics, the owner and designer, focuses a lot of attentions in mids in his designs and his speakers are very neutral in frequency response--so not warm, but neutral. The CBM-170 SEs I own have better transient response out of the driver than other bookshelves I have heard in this price range, making guitar sound great and giving them a tight midbass response. They remind me of my Grado headphones (but without the emphasized highs). I understand that the CMT-340s have a slightly better driver than the 170s (so even better sound out of them in this regard). When I listen to Kasabian's Underdog on some speakers, the guitar distortion sounds very congested. Same with a song like the Silversun Pickups Panic Switch. The Ascends do well with that guitar sound because of the transient response. When I first got these, I was coming from Energy Veritas V 5.1s which have a bit of a bright sound. At first, the CBM-170 SEs sounded a bit mid heavy. But now that I have adjusted to them, I go back to the V5.1s and I really nice how bright they were and how lacking the mids were.

You might go to the Ascend Acoustic forums and ask if anyone has upgraded from the TSi400s/Monitor 60 (same speaker as yours/different enclosure aesthetics).
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that's a good idea, they should have a very detailed explanation of the changes. thanks for all the help! ill be sure to post a review when i get the speakers. one more thing, have you heard of epik?  they have an awfully promising sub for under 500, http://www.epiksubwoofers.com/legend.html  it seems like it would be loud, and being that its sealed i guess it would sound good.

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I considered buying one of their subs at one time, too. They do seem like good subs. However, about a year or so ago, Epik stopped manufacturing their subs. Before that, they were plagued with bad amplifier problems, and customer service was not very good. I wouldn't buy from them even if they came out with a new product.

The major (reliable) Internet direct subwoofer vendors are SVS Audio, Rythmik Audio, HSU Research, Outlaw Audio, and Power Sound Audio (and also Chase Home Theater, but their subs are not a good choice for you because they require extensive EQ knowledge). I've own CHT, Outlaw, and SVS subs, and based on everything I've read, all of those subwoofer manufacturers make excellent products. They are comparable or better in price/performance to subs costing twice as much MSRP at BestBuy.

However, in your budget range, I'm pretty sure that the SVS is the only one with the line out/high pass filter capability. I think Rythmik has it on their higher end models, but they start at around $900. SVS also has probably the best combination of warranty and trade up program of all of them. Their subs also have DSP with built in limiters. You CANNOT over drive the their subs, and the sub frequency response is ruler flat for all of their subs (because of the DSP).

Here's two very detailed reviews of SVS subs (each contains lots of measurements) by Audioholics, who is acknowledged to be the best for subwoofer reviews over at the AVS subwoofer forum (if you want to learn about subs, use that forum):


Then here's an S&V review of the PB-1000: http://www.soundandvision.com/content/review-svs-pb-1000-subwoofer (not sure if I shared this). Here's a detailed amateur review: http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/speaker-subwoofer-reviews/66069-svs-pb1000-sb1000-subwoofer-review.html
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well i ended up buying the arx a5's. they came in a few days ago. i dont even know where to start. the speaker cover broke within a day, the speaker is coming apart at the seams at the top of one. my initial impressions were really bad of the sound to, it actually reminded me allot of the polk's. i spent two days looking up speaker placement with no luck until today when i figured out it was my desk that made everything horrible. i moved the desk two and a half feet from the wall and put the speakers out in front of the desk about three and a half feet from the back wall and 2 and a half from the side walls. its a 16x12 room. when i stepped back, then they came to life. they still sound harsh at times though so im hoping more use will warm them up. 

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also im wondering how much a external dac would benefit, im using a 3.5mm cable to connect the computer to the amps rca's. that can't be that great of a sound to begin with but doesn't spdif transfer to a dac and improve everything before it gets to the amp?

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