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Sometimes when listening to music or gaming I can hear the left channel getting softer and softer until it fades out completely.

Sometimes unplugging it and plugging it back in works, but this is at best a 50/50 fix.


I checked a few things.


Plugged it into my speakers and this happens.

Plugged it directly into the back of my PC and this happens.

Tried them at work the same way and it happens there as well.

Doesn't happen to my other headphones, either at work or at home.


Opened them up and the soldering seems solid. Nothing is loose but I'm extremely new to this so there may be something I'm just not seeing.


Tested with a multimeter. Put one tip on the 3.5mm jack and it registered connectivity, but it was weird. It may be normal but when I touch the tip the white connection (iirc) reads, but the red and blue don't. When I touch in between the 2 black lines or behind them (closer to the cable, not the tip) the red and blue wires read.


Tried the old school hold the cord at a 90 degree angle and drag my thumb nail down the length of the cord to try to hear crackle and there was none.


At this point I don't know what else could be the issue except maybe the driver, but I have NO clue how to replace that. I assume I can get one directly from Audio-Technica.


Does anyone have any ideas? Maybe I'm missing a troubleshooting step somewhere.

Also, is there any way to determine if it is the driver aside from what I've already done?

If it is the driver would you recommend a noob replace it or should I take it to a repair place?


Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance.