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Fun with my Denon D7000

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Got bored.  Decided this will be an ongoing project that will eventually turn into an Evolution Review for the Denon D7000 Headphone.  Tracking progress from the stock version, to modded, new wooden cups and back again.  Time will tell which version of the D7000 I enjoy most.  Made this video showcasing the simple Lawton Mod with Dynamat around the driver enclosure rings, the earcups and a partial covering of the vents on the driver casing.  The results are pretty good.  Not really into the balanced sound signature the full Lawton Tuning offers, but also very interested in finding ways to reduce the harshness of the upper regions while at the same time retaining the bass quantity.  Trial and Error.  Who knows where it will lead.




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Have fun...................I'll be following it all the way.  My D7000 is full Lawton by Mark himself with his angle pads, D2000 with Lawton mods to the driver but not cup (due to it being Cocobolo Rosewood) and my D5000 no mods other than Brazilian Rosewood. 


Keep the info coming as I'm into modding and would love to play around with some/all of mine. 

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