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For Sale: FS JK John Kenny Dac 32

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£275 (GBP)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
FS JK John Kenny Dac 32

Will Ship To: Anywhere

FS my beloved JK Dac 32. This is in perfect condition and has only had a few months usage. The sound quality is fantastic with a very natural untiring sound with great bass slam and dynamics using a Mini Mac and J River media player. I tried many Dacs before I found this one, which I love listening to for long periods. The Dac gives similarly superb results with Windows pcs /laptops. Part of the secret of this sound is a very special USB lead I am including in the price. This uses special conductors and sounds much better than even a direct USB adaptor connection. This lead as the photo shows is approx 20cms long. I could include a longer one using the same materials but shorter = better sound.


Using the set up above the sound really cannot be faulted and compares with Dacs costing many times more. This Dac is USB input only with phono output sockets.


Postage included in price.

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Is the jk dac32 still available?
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