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For Sale: FS: Lynx Hilo (Silver)

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For Sale:
FS: Lynx Hilo (Silver)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Changing some stuff around in my rig(s) and selling my Hilo.  It's the silver face version and in 100% pristine condition.  I love this dac to death but the money could be put to better use elsewhere at the moment.  Balanced/Single Ended outs, DSD, true asynchronous USB, discrete headphone amp, digital to digital conversion (usb to AES/Coax/Optical), analog to digital conversion, interstellar space travel, there's pretty much nothing the Hilo can't do and it sounds superb doing it all.


Comes complete with box and 100% original contents.  My memory is sketchy but I've had it maybe a little over 6 months?


Looking for $1780 shipped and I'll eat the paypal fee.

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