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3.5mm Audio Cable for Detachable Cable

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So, I just got my HD428S last week and I've already done the bass mod, which I need to redo it since it's a little too muddy. Besides that, I want to do a detachable cable mod. I've already figured out how I'm going to mount the female jack and I hope that goes well for me, but I have some questions.

I believe I'm going to be using all Neutrik Rean connectors for the project. I've been looking around and the slim female inline jack looks to be perfect but that brings me to my first problem. What cable should I use that has an OD of 4mm or less? I would like to run a new cable in the headphone itself, atleast to the solder pad. The slim connector accepts up to OD of 4mm.

I also plan on using paracord to add some color to the cable itself. I'm not worried about the increased OD of the cable since I'll being using larger OD male jacks. I've been looking at using Type III paracord but wanted other suggestions. I like the look of the denim paracord from Planet Paracord.

So for the only cables I've really found that come close to what I want is the Canare L4E5C, Mogami W2893, and Gotham 4/1 mini. So far, only the Gotham was thin enough at an OD of 3.8mm but it isn't available through marker tec, which is where I'm getting the rest of the supplies through.

What suggestions do you guys have for me when it comes to picking cable? Worse case scenario, I believe I'll use the stock cable to connect to the female jack and probably use the Mogami for the male to male cable.
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Another question I wanted to ask as well is a lot of research I've been doing said to use the shield as the common ground. What are the down falls to this? If I can do that, I can also just use a 2 pole cable instead of a 4 pole, correct? If I can't use the shield as a ground, should I just leave it, or attempt to pull it out?

I only need three conductors, left +, right +, and common ground. If I stick with a 4 pole conductor, can I use two wires as the ground?
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The Gotham 4/1 looks like a good cable, especially with it having a bunch of stranded wires.

Yes you can use a 2 pole shielded cable instead. If you cant use the shield just leave it, but its better to use it.

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Unfortunately, I haven't found anyone online that sells the Gotham cable I want and kind of provide a one stop shop or everything else. The mogami is decently priced for being the "go-to" wire of the forum so I believe I'll be going with that.

So far, my build will consist of Mogami W2893 cords, Rean NYS231LBG connectors, 550 Paracord from paracord planet (for the availability of colors), and whatever soldering iron and solder I stumble across at a reasonable price (haven't really looked around for it yet). My concern is that, even though the paracord is flexible and can expand, will trying to put it on the cable make it too thin and "see through"? I also believe the Rean connectors have a crimp relief and want to make sure my process of do it is correct.

Basically, if I understand this correctly, I'll cut, let's say, 1m of cable and paracord. Put the insides of the paracord out. Burn the ends of the paracord. Worm the paracord sleeve over the cable. Slide the connector sleeve and housing over sleeve paracord. Strip the rubber of the cable, the shield, and the paper wrap. Cut off one of the connectors. Strip the three wires left and solder to connector. Slide paracord back down a little to the crimp relief. Crimp. Slide connector sleeve down and screw housing onto connector. And repeat on other side.

Anything I missed? I also saw others say you need heat shrink with paracord. Do I? Or can I go without it since between it naturally being a slightly smaller diameter and the crimp relief should prevent it from moving? Do you have any other suggestions?

Edit: I'm also considering the Mogami W2790 (3 pole, 28 AWG) and W2929 (4 pole, 28AWG). The slightly thinner wire shouldn't pose any audible difference, correct? And going with a 3 pole cable would save me from having an unused pole. It also cuts back on the overall diameter, hopefully making the finished product have a cleaner look. Might have to use 475 paracord, or whatever the next step down is. Just a few extra thoughts.
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