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Originally Posted by uncola View Post

Grr they finally won me over with the rca ports on the geek pulse x.  I'm getting the geek pulse x now!  Here's hoping we hit 1 million dollars!


Same. I was holding off on upgrading to the X but since I'm pushing everything else to get upgraded sound (skipping the LPS for now) I figured I may as well get the X upgrade. I've been considering balancing my HD650s and now it seems like I will.

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Well, what can I say guyz....Merry Christmas? :atsmile:
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I'm all in, X, clock, 1mil up, 1 mini, 1 2m Jr, up LPS, sigh, come on million, I WANT IT ALL!
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Originally Posted by Anaximandros View Post

The new strech goal is nice, but I don't think, that they can make it to 1 mil.


Most of the people got their upgrades, some spent more than 2000$ on upgrades. It started with a 299$ no brainer which is supposed to sound awesome and now the "no brainer Pulse" seems a bit like something insignificant if you don't get the upgrades.


It's like you should upgrade or it will sound less good. That's something keeping people away from funding imho.


$2k? $1015 here. I'm not sure if there isn't something I've missed. That's enough I reckon. If it results in me getting a very good DAC/amp in the next couple of months or whenever, I certainly wont complain. If it has a remote, it'll go into my living room system. I think the new options, upgrades and whatnot need to stop and the device needs to be made now. With $1m funding they are setting themselves up for either huge success or a huge fail. I really hope the former.


Originally Posted by skeptic View Post


It will be fun to read all the Geek Pulse reviews in six months and to find out whether any/all of these upgrades really make an audible difference, or whether, all said and done, this is just one more relatively good, mid-priced, 9018 dac in a flashy case, subject to all the same nonlinear distortion issues as other dacs with this chip - which have apparently been acknowledged in some manner by ESS.  (See post 137 in http://www.head-fi.org/t/693798/ranking-of-17-dacs-and-dac-configurations/135 )  


I have had quite a bit of experience with them in other DACs. The power supply is a big one. Better clocks and components can help. It depends how good the design is to start with and where the weaknesses are. I've had each type of upgrade make from barely any to a lot of difference. 

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My plan at first was saving for Schiit's Yggdrasil...

So I hope that Geek Pulse will be great enough so that I won't be regret for coming this far with all of the upgrade perk...

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I had really hoped to be done after the Pulse X, as $350 for a dual mono balanced DAC/amp sounded like an awesome deal.  I feel a little silly now that I am in for another $200 for upgrades I don't know will actually make a justifiable (for me) difference.  I will never know since I am not going to be able to compare, so I guess the $200 was mental insurance at this point.  Still on the fence about the LPS.  I know they can sometimes improve the sound, but at $399, adding it takes this out of the high end of budget fi into the low end of midfi where the competition is much stiffer.  

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I like how they gave the option to purchase the upgraded components, offered a refund if it hit 1m, and offered even more upgrades if you let them keep the money. Well done.


Super Duper Geek Out + Pulse X fully upgraded + LPS here. That's a nice chunk of change and trust. Deliver on the promises, and both the consumer and company will win big.

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Originally Posted by jaywillin View Post

I'm all in, X, clock, 1mil up, 1 mini, 1 2m Jr, up LPS, sigh, come on million, I WANT IT ALL!

oh and i forgot the super geek, and i don't really do the portable thing at all lol

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So what are we talking about if the active component upgrade comes to pass? What does that mean exactly?

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I think it means components consume power, Op-amps, transistors, etc...

But I think active components upgrade will change the sound too much to call it an "upgrade".

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Hey guys I submitted an idea in geek voice.  I suggested the geek pulse use a USB 3.0 B connector instead of USB 2.0 B.  I saw the new AMI dac uses one.  Here's the rationale behind it:  "As you can see, it's using a USB3 B connector even though it's a USB2 XMOS audio controller, I asked my reseller about this and he told me that it's a good way to be future-proof, it provides a more secure fit than a USB2 B connector and USB3 cables have to be seriously built and heavily shielded due to the ten times higher speed rate compared to USB2. It's the first time I see this trick being used and that's a really great idea IMHO, it's also fully backward compatible with USB2 B connectors of course."


If you think it's a good idea vote here http://lhlabs.com/voice/ideas/199-usb-3-0-b-port-instead-of-usb-2-0  I guess the Lightspeed JR would also have to be usb 3.0 for this reason so maybe they wouldn't want to do it.  Anyway maybe they'll like the idea


this is the other dac that has a usb 3 b port  http://www.head-fi.org/t/682667/ami-musik-ddh-1-xmos-pcm1795-usb-s-pdif-dac

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Man I'm on the fence with the new perk, it would put me over the $600 mark, if I go over that there's no telling what else I'll add lol.
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I went with a Pulse/Out combo + femto clock upgrade + precision part upgrade (1 million perk) + Pulse X upgrade.

I'm still not sure about the linear power supply and whether or not it'll make a difference to justify spending $300 on. Apart from the Geek Pulse, I don't know if I'd use it for anything else, and that by itself is kind of a bummer for me.
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I know where you're comming from. I don't know how many hours per week of use I'd get from the pulse. If I use it at work I'd get dozens of hours a week...but it's not exactly the place for critical listening where I'd notice the gain from the LPS. At home it's a toss up if I'll be using the Pulse enough to warrant that extra investment.
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Just changing my avatar for the rest of the campaign. My part of giving support...

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