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Originally Posted by NinjaHamster View Post

Let's say you got your Pulse for $249 as a super early bird.  You then add $140 to this to make it a Pulse X ... that is $389 that you have paid altogether ... it is not even nearly "almost double the price" (which would be $498... it is approximately 1/3 more.  I urge you to read the details again.

Add $140? Why is the info I get is different from you, the price I get for early bird is $489. Which mean I need to top up $489-$249 = $240 different ?

Can the Lavy clarify? How much do we need to top up exactly?
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Also, I would like to emphasize that the reason I feel quite uncomfortable is our impression of before announcing the pulse X, our understanding is that the XLR and other feature can be added into the Pulse , "yes XLR can be added into the pulse because it is a class A balance design"

All the while We thought only that it will have 2 version of pulse , we never expected the XLR version is not just another "version" , it is a more expensive model...
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Originally Posted by dclaz View Post

What would people be using the digital out for?

To use the Pulse as a USB to S/PDIF converter.

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Originally Posted by Joamonte View Post

Add $140? Why is the info I get is different from you, the price I get for early bird is $489. Which mean I need to top up $489-$249 = $240 different ?

Can the Lavy clarify? How much do we need to top up exactly?

No.  Check the page on Indiegogo.  If you have already put money down for the Geek Pulse at $249, you need only add an extra $140 to convert this to a Geek Pulse X (balanced) - this info is not different from what they have on their Idiegogo page.  My info is the same as their info (although my info may actually be more clearly presented than theirs - communication skills are, unfortunately, not their "strong point" to say the least).  


No, you don't need to pay for the Geek Pulse X and then subtract the price you have already paid for the Geek Pulse. Just add $140 to your "Contribution amount" and I PROMISE you, you will be entitled to a Geek Pulse X (balanced).


As regards your other expression, yes - I share your discomfort and you absolutely have a valid point.  However, this will be a true balanced (dual mono) update, and the balanced output was never absolutely promised for the Geek Pulse (though they did state it may be an option).  I can understand your frustration at having this option cost so much more, but at least it will be done right.  Truly this is an exercise in how NOT to run a successful (other than money garnered) campaign, and it creates all sorts of "bad will" amongst the customers.  Sufficed to say though, that if you want, or need, balanced outputs and have already paid $249, you need only contribute $140 more to receive the Geek Pulse X (balanced).

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Not quite sure why there is such resistance to this upgrade. Perhaps people were expecting there to be a balanced output included in the existing Pulse? I also had this expectation, but it was based on the assumption that it could be done cheaply, given the existing capability of the ES9018M. Maybe I was wrong in this assumption.


Anyway: a dual mono implementation has the potential of sounding much much better, and a $140 upgrade is easily justifiable.


I'll be upgrading, for sure.


(Obviously a SE 1/4" headphone output would be desirable, but it's not a deal-breaker for me)

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This is the perk to upgrade to geek pulse x.  Can we please stop filling up this thread with misinformation?




My reaction to the Pulse X, I'm a little disappointed in how much more it costs, I thought it was already a balanced design so I was hoping the cost would just be for the xlr jacks.  I use a schiit mjolnir so it would be nice to have xlr outs on the pulse to use with it.  If I knew how much it would cost I might have just bought a emotiva dc-1 that comes with more bells and whistles.  I guess I'm just going to stick with the standard Geek Pulse and hope the audio quality is high.  I've heard very good things about their high end da vinci dac.

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I think the resistance stems from the points you have already articulated - primarily, the expectation that this change could be done for no, or for little, additional cost.  


The other resistance seems to be that people believe the USB input has been removed from the Geek Pulse X.  I do not believe the later to be true, but I can see where any reasonable user of the English language might find this to be a contentious point.  


I believe I am going to upgrade too, and I believe the additional cost to be reasonable; however place yourself in the position of a non-native English speaker, or somebody whose English skills are not at the best level - you would be misunderstanding their posts and updates too.  Do YOU know for sure that the USB input has not been removed from the "Pulse X" ?  I'd wager a bet that it hasn't, as that would not make sense and because LHLabs were talking merely about the "differences" between the "Pulse" and the "Pulse X", but I have a lawyer's mind - most people don't and wouldn't.

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Im gonna wait for the linear power supply
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I get the feeling they have already sprung for design and perhaps have begun aspects of the manufacturing process with the chassis. The answer on a couple of fronts is to enlarge it to allow more options or just more room but they seem to hold to their guns here. Dual dac chips, upgraded caps & resistors are easily worth the $160 extra to me. But, I still wish it could have RCA output along with the balanced outputs just for versatility, even though it has been said numerous times that there just isn't space. 


+1 on the shaky communications - an average consumer who natively speaks english is going to get a little lost.

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I think the real difficulty is that it is a relatively young company which wishes to expand rapidly - and they will do so - but they need some form of "Customer Service" department ... as ego-boosting as it is to speak to the lead designer - Larry Ho - that should not be occurring ... it is not his area of expertise ... these are the normal "growing pains" of a young company, and I"m sure their consumer communications will improve as they are able to grow their funding and add to their staff.

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I hope I didn't sound too disappointed or harsh about the Pulse X change, I think it's definitely a good price if you're going to use the built in headphone amp, but I was just going to use the dac portion with my mjolnir so for me it doesn't make sense to pay for the upgrade.  Hehe I think most people using balanced outs have tons of money so I can see why they did this.  My dream would be to receive a personal PM from larry ho, "Hey I saw you're going to use my dac with a mjolnir, I'll make a few of the stock version with xlr instead of rca outs on the back and make sure you get it."  and then I'd like damn you truly are a great company I will sing your praises forever.  and then he'd be.. oh by the way I'm really a beautiful woman and I live near you.  Do you want me to come over?  and then...

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The reason why some of us have a sour taste in our mouth is because all this while, we've been told that they have been saying stuff like, " we've been working on balanced / balanced is achievable / confident it can be done", and making it sound as if this feature was going to be included inside the vanilla geek pulse.


To quote Larry,


"Larry Ho said 22 hours ago

Hi, all
Balance output, we hear you. Actually our internal circuit is fully balance from beginning all the way before headphone driver. So line out could have balance output for sure.
So my plan for now is two configuration. One RCA version, one mini XLR version…
Give us few days. We will work it out. ;-)


Larry said that quite some time back, during the early stages of the campaign. I don't think it's presumptous on my part to read what he said then and come to the conclusion that i don't need to top up to get balanced, because the original circuit design is already fully balanced.


There's been so many official messages from the LH team specifically about balanced. Yet none of these messages brought up the subject of extra cost. I think they could have communicated this aspect much, much better to everyone.


I'm not topping up for the balanced. It's not even an upgrade. I'm paying extra money to restrict myself to only balanced outputs. Sure, there are adapters, but then there's no point.

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Although I wanted the balanced output option for my HE-500, I NEED the 1/4" analog headphone output as well. I cannot limit myself to only balanced, and no RCA. If the enclosure needs to be bigger, so be it. The increased cost of the upgrade should be able to handle that.


I don't like the decision of different units, not at all. I CAN'T upgrade now, even if I wanted to.

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Man alive the expectations on this thread are out of control.


I'll admit that I was hoping to keep RCA output on the balanced option, but I understand the limitations of the design and the size.  Even for the extra cost, the Pulse is still very cheap for a full dual mono balanced amplifier (with tons of power) based around a top line ESS Sabre chipset that can handle nearly every format out there.  

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Originally Posted by vincent215 View Post

The Geek Oulse's enclosure size is small. How many parts can it fit?
I dont mind the size a bit bigger so that it has more features. For $500, I would have just bought a Cectrance M8, if I want to drive my headphone balance. 

I wouldn't. The m8 sounds terrible.
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