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Hello and good day. This is my very first post in the forum and I am very new to the audiophile shenanigans. I currently own Sennheiser HD 439s as my main driver and hooked up to a Fiio Andes E07K portable headphone amp.

Ever since I stepped into the world of audiophiles, I have been wanting more. I heard a good place to start was to get a good pair of open headphones so here I am.

My budget will about $250 for these sets of cans. I mainly listen to Japanese female vocalist such as LiSA, fripSide, Mami Kawada and Kotoko who sing fast paced music and tend to hit the highs quite often. Currently with my HD 439s, the treble is fatiguing at times especially when the song has a lot of highs. The differentiation of sound and soundstage is not spectacular either.

I would prefer headphones which are airy and have a punchy bass that does not overpower or overly leak into the mids. Something that will bring out the power of these female vocalist I listen too without neglecting the beauty and beat of the instruments in the background. Currently my eyes are on the Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro 250Ohm.

Hopefully this is enough information for you the community to provide suggestions. Thank you in advance!
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