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Tokyo 2013 Autumn Fujiya Avic show impressions.  

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Just stopped by Tokyo Fujiya Avic Headphone Festival today...sharing some pics from my cell.




















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My write-up will come later, but here is a sneak preview of the fun we had over the last few days.


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Here are some from my camera.

Mike from headfonia and AnakChan.


Dan Clark from Mr.Speaker.


Currawong, Sasaki-san, AnakChan, Gavin, (forgot his name), Mike, and Jude.




Jerry Harvey.


AnakChan with DAC/Amp from Korean company with silver+7%gold cable for SE535LTD.


Jude during work.


Dan with his Alpha Dog.


VentureCraft folks.




Bootsy1 and Shigzeo.


Sakamoto Monet ^o^


I don't care about Edition 5 in this picture. Only thing that I care is what he carry. A2P TU-05b.


AnakChan with prototype Fostex headphone.


Admins post with Ayanami Rei.


With japanese head-fi members.



Jude with torture device. :D








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It was a great Tokyo headphone show.


Due to guests arriving to stay at my house from overseas I had only limited time on the Saturday.


JH Audio `Roxanne`, I`m not so keen on the name, but they did sound awesome!



Are they Alpha Dogs or Mad Dogs? Someone correct me before I embarrass myself further! Great sound btw.

1 plus 2 in the background.


Michael Goodman of Centrance and the stellar Hifi-M8 idevice dac/amp.

Also comes in LX versions.



Mike of headfonia auditioning the Dita `The Answer` or `The Truth.` New single driver 10mm dynamic transducer in ears.


Wow! Luxurious packaging. two carry cases included and lots of tips.

I thought they sounded great for single driver IEMs, everything from the packaging to the product was well built and presented.

I had a bit of time to audition these quietly and was quite impressed, they stand quite strong against even multi driver IEMs.

(I will be posting a more full review of these in ears at a later date).



The friendly Dita crew.



AK100MK2 (3ohm OI), Sounded quite good. Clear and concise.

Lots of little details, colorful cases, different colored AK`s.


HM700. I liked this units sound very much. Even with great clarity and body. 

Also the Hifiman in ears I listened to were pleasing.


poor photography here, The man point being it works well with the intended balanced plug on the right.


Hifiman range.


Fiio X3, I can see why people enjoy this mid fi unit. Good sound quality, but not my cup of tea.


Venturecraft idevice cables. From the bottom: 30pin to usb-a, their upcoming lightning to usb-a(it will be shorter i the final build), current `soon to be extinct` lightning to usb-a version.



Cables, tables and tables of cables, interconnects....everywhere.


Its a long day for everyone. Sony PHA-1 and PHA-2.





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This festival was amazing! It was great to meet some head-fi all stars and get a glimpse of what CanJam could be in the future. I think "the future" is an appropriate way to describe this event. The biggest impression I had was that I must come again. I'll try to share some of my photos when I return to Montana if I have something good and unique. Pretty hard to top Jude and Amos' pix though.
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Great photos ... !


Sorry to have missed some of you at the show, but did see a few.


I agree Expat, liked the Roxanne sound, not the name.


And I shook JH's hand ... starstruck almost.

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Great photos there!


It was great to finally be able to meet all the guys: Currawong, AnakChan, Shigzeo, ExpatinJapan, Bootsy1, Paul, Arkapol, Jamey Warren, and of course that JUDE dude ;)  


And of course Alex, Dan, Ken, Mark, Jerry, John, Kawa, who else was there?? There were so many people it's like reality TV Head Fi edition!


So the night before the show, which was Friday, I was supposed to meet up with the Head-Fi guys after dinner for some meet at the hotel. But at the same time there was this big Typhoon that's supposed to come to Tokyo so I told AnakChan and Jude that I won't risk not being able to catch a train back to my hotel in Ueno since I figured the meet would easily go pass 1AM. 


But yeah, the next day I met everyone at the show and it was great! Of course I didn't really have that much time to talk since I planned to cover the entire show in one day and skipping Sunday. 


I was so surprised to finally see shigzeo. Gosh I thought you would be an Asian guy! Hahahaha


The highlights of the show:

ALPHA DOG and I am on the waiting list!!!

LCD-X, LCD-XC -- I got the X with me now!

JH Roxanne -- SUPER IEM!!!! Also getting these!

Fostex HP-V1 and RP both prototypes -- they told me I'm on the list. ;)

Shure 1540 -- Not sure if I can get a unit

AK100 Mk2 -- good stuff expect to see a lot of 2nd hand AK100

The AK10 was good if you're using iOS device, go check it out. Very close to AK100Mk2 sound. 


What else was there? I missed the Hifiman player and the Sony player and the Edition 5. 


Sorry for the use of CAPS. Guess I'm just so thrilled. 

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Looks like you guys had a great time. I love the headphone girls/models :redface:

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Why no Gundams?
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I want this experience :normal_smile :

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I don't know, I kind of want the Mr.-Glittery-Vest-Experience more.


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These shots have a lot more personality than the usual threads, thank you!  I want to go shopping for LODs and interconnects, really wish that I had a day there...

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Originally Posted by CEE TEE View Post

These shots have a lot more personality than the usual threads, (...) really wish that I had a day there...

I was thinking exactly the same. A different atmosphere for sure. 

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Thanks for the pics! Got me lusting over all that gear!
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great experience had there. thanks lads.

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