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Beyerdynamic DT770 Premium 250 Ohm Stereo Channel Imbalance?

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Okay so this is my story. I recently bought a pair of DT770 Premium 250 Ohm's in Hong Kong, at a small discount, I chose these after deciding to not spend so much on the T70 which apparently has a different sound signature. Out of the box, I immediately noticed a small imbalance to the right.


I was driving them out of my iPod touch 4g connected to my Fiio E7 via the LOD. I even tried out the mono audio setting on my iPod and found that the image was slightly panned to the right. Its a very small panning, but very annoying to my ears. When I connected my MDR-1R to the same setup, I didn't get this problem. I tried switching the earcups from left to right ear and vice-versa, but since the drivers are angled, I'm not sure how I can judge using this method. Nevertheless, when I did this, I heard the panning on the left when I switch the earcups. Thus I suppose the fit of the headphones are out of the question. Then, I tried switching sources, I connected them to my MacBook Pro, and still had the same problem; a small annoying imbalance to the right. I tried making my friend listen to them, and he concurred that there is a small imbalance to the right.


My question is, what do you think could be the possible cause for this problem?

Could it be due to an impedance mismatch between the two drivers?

Could the characteristics of my sources also cause this? Like the impedance or voltage? (I really have limited knowledge in this area)

Could this be due to the fact that these headphones have been stored for a long time in the store (plus, they are discontinued), and the drivers developed a mismatch due to ageing? Its a bit rare to find DT770's in stores today.

I am still deciding between exchanging them for a new pair at the store and sending them back to the distributor using my warranty (although I don't know if the warranty still holds for discontinued products).

I would love insights into this, thanks in advance.

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I have a DT880 250ohm used coming to me soon, and am curious about this as well.

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An update on the situation, apparently, the fit could have greatly emphasized my perception of the stereo channel imbalance.


When I went back to the store with the model, they let me try it driven out of this huge, expensive-looking HiFiMan amplifier, and the imbalance was even less noticeable. The store keeper told me the imbalance would go away after burn-in. I haven't started burning them in though, but for now, I've gotten used to it and there is no problem.


@Sonic, I'm sure you will love the DT880, I had demoed them and they are much better than the DT770. I got the latter because of the low price.

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