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For Sale: FS: Hifiman RE-400 Waterline IEM

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For Sale:
FS: Hifiman RE-400 Waterline IEM

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi all, it's been a while! Anyways I'm letting these babies go because they just don't get enough spin from me. I purchased these on a whim from the lovely AC Gears (official Audio Cubes store woohoo!) in NYC and found them to be fantastic. Unfortunately I think I just don't like in-ear headphones or I can just never get used to them. These come with all the originals (box, accessories, ear-tips etc). If you REALLY want, I can include this cute altoids can that I've put them in. No trades please, I am very much enjoying my Momentums :3.


Oh yeah, I would LOVE to sell these in NYC so if you live in NYC or in in the surrounding area, PM me! I'll give em to ya for 80 usd. If not, they're 85 usd shipped, anywhere. 


One additional thing, if you wanna buy these and you have chase quickpay, even better! You get first dibs! Alright, take care!

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For Sale: $50 (USD)
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