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is mp4 nation trustworthy?

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is mp4 nation a trustworthy site to buy from?

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I have bought from them and everything arrived quickly and as described!



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I have bought a few items from them, no issues from me.

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I've bought lots of stuff from them. No complaints here!

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I ordered a DX50 on 6th, with 2 days shipping by Fedex, it's now the 11th, I know these things take time, but I have sent them 3 messages

asking for a shipping date and no reply


What makes me nervous is that they have no telephone number.


I am not expecting to have received this yet, but after 5 days they should be able to give me a shipping date.


If I have no reply today I will have to cancel the order, as their communication gives me no faith in them

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Hi kt66.... a couple days from the post date i decided to go for it.. i ordered ths brainwave s1s and they came prett quickly... i dont remember exactly how long but within 2 weeks i believe
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Thanks for the reassurance
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NP... i really wanted to know about them too when i first bought from them... now trying to figure out if proaudiostar has a good rep :P

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They have now replied and I should be getting the x50 in a week.
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So the saga continues,.............the rest deleted by me.

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Personally I have had nothing but less than good results with MP4Nation.   


One order was for an iBasso product which they stated was in stock.  After two weeks and no replies to my "tickets," they offered a refund through PayPal.  It then took them over a week to make the refund transaction.  They never were able to give a satisfactory answer to why it was specified as "in stock" and obviously wasn't.


Seems their statement that most orders are shipped within 24-48 hours is misleading.  I've had two previous orders with shipping information supposedly sent to FedEx but tracking information wasn't available for five days after MP4Nation stated the items shipped.  I believe they make out shipping labels but don't really ship until some days later.  Eventually I received the merchandise but only after a couple weeks and this was using their FedEx Express option.  One item was DOA but I decided to eat the cost rather than going through the hassle of a return with them.


Prices are good, but their customer service still sucks.  Answers to questions are ambiguous, and getting a straight answer is something elusive and time-consuming. 


I may be one of the unlucky ones and your transactions with them may very well be positive.

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They're trustworthy, yes.  


I ordered the DX50 from them - it shipped a week later than what they had indicated on their website.


I ordered and then cancelled an X5.  They said they'd process the refund in a few days, but forgot.  I sent them a reminder and it got done in a few hours.


They are a little prone to missing deadlines on newly-released stuff and obviously arent the best-organized - but IMO, for pretty much everyone outside the US (ie, where instant gratification isnt the norm), it isnt such a big deal (they arent out to rip you off or anything).   They have great prices and offer free international Fedex shipping - that's huge.   I am ok with sending them a reminder if need be.   

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Originally Posted by vkalia View Post

They are a little prone to missing deadlines on newly-released stuff . . .  

And that's not mp4nation's fault. They are dependent on what suppliers tell them. Anyone who has followed the FiiO development threads for new releases of their products know that there are often delays from the manufacturer with a new product release. Or even delays with a product that has gone out of stock and the manufacturer is doing another product run. All they can do is give the projected date of availability. And while I have not ordered from them, it's my understanding that they generally do a pretty good job of getting the new products out there once they receive them, even if there are some delays.
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I ordered DX-50 with free Fed Ex on 18th Oct. Haven't got mine until today. Already informed them, and they said that they have no stock available at the moment.


They should indicate in the site whether the stock is available or not in stock!!!


I can buy somewhere else where having the item in stock and get delivered to me fast!


Poor service.

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I ordered a DX90 from mp4 nation during cyber week...that was over two weeks ago. I bought from these guys because of the "free 2 day Fedex". I still have not seen


the item! Even their website states "98% of items shipping within 1 day". They have not even bothered to respond to  my email a week ago.



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