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DIY Headphone Band!

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Hello all!
I am a new member here looking for some help.  I am in college, and am on an extremely tight budget.  I have recently bought a pair of Monoprice 8323.  Granted they are no where near audiophile quality, but they fit well in my budget.  I am looking to try and improve my purchase as much as possible for as little as possible.  I'm reaching out to the members here to try and give me some suggestions.  I would especially like some help replacing this god awful band!  Something metal would be awesome.  Sorry if this is an ambiguous post, but I really need help.  Thank you!

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Oh and I already plan on using slightly better cables, and sheathing them according to this instructable.  Any ideas on what type of solder I should use on the cables?  Do I need to splurge on fancy solder, or would bargain bin solder work?




I am going to use these jacks


And use this as the basic cord




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Have you looked through the 2 following threads?



These are a few basic things you can do, but you didn't really state how limited your budget is which might affect just how much you can do unless you have everything laying around the house. As for the headband, it looks like all plastic construction I'm not sure how easy it would be to swap it for a metal band.
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Thank you for the links.
My budget is extremely limited.  Like under $20.

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I would keep the plastic bits stock. 

There are quite a few headphones that are held in high regard that use that headband, or a very similar one. 


The best places to look to change the sound of those headphones for $20 (probably closer to $1, actually) is by taking them apart and messing with how much damping material is in the cups, and where and how many vent holes are in the cups. I have no specific advice on this because every headphone model and every listener's preferences are different. You just gotta try a lot of stuff. Most of it is close enough to free that you can try a bunch of things for only a few dollars. 


After that, save your change and enjoy the headphones 'til they break (which could actually take quite some time if you treat them nicely). Then buy something else. 


Cable swapping is best left to people with enough money that they can spend it on nothing. If you spend more than the bare minimum required for cables, you have money for headphones that sound more like what you wish the cables would make your current headphones sound like.... 

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I'm actually just making a nicer looking and slightly more durable cable. 
Going to sheathe it in paracord and install slightly nicer jacks.
Nothing fancy or expensive.
Plus the 8323's have replaceable cords so its no big expense.

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