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Couple questions

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1)I have viking pa-30 amp for 7-8 horn speakers. That amp has a aux port that I often connect my phone too.

Does anybody have a clue how could I wirelessly stream music to the amp without using aux cable. I would like a possibility of walking around warehouse and change songs as I please through my cell phone. I would need some sort of wifi aux cable as Bluetooth has too small of a range any ideas?


2)Our old horn speakers are not the best quality wise... would adding one or two subwoofers improve quality of the sound?.

3)I have small part in the warehouse that I would like to turn into party room. Its about the size of 3/4 of basketball court. How would I go about designing  a good sound system? How many speakers would I need etc.... are there any good tutorials? Also what is the cheapest staff I could get, any secret brands that have a cheap cost but high performance?


Thank you in advance!

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