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Non-audiophile looking for In Ear headphones under $50 with mic and some decent noise isolation

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I read a lot and need to concentrate and music is my best helper for this task, i also like jammin sessions every once in a while while running. I use in ear headphones and dislike the ones that are cabled over the ear.

I usually pair up with my iphone 4, ipad (mini) for facetime so thats why i like the mic feature. Its my first putting in more than 15$ for headphones, i use thg old apple earbuds which i hate right now and hate them, used to have the newer apple model but my pup ate it and before i just bought cheap ones at walmart - so my ear isnt at all trained but would like better sound nonetheless.

I'm currently looking at the following models based on price and some reviews-

Soul by Ludacris SL99
Vmoda Remote. Remix
Meelectronics M9p
Soundmagic e10m
Yurbuds inspire for women (i have a small ear, earbuds tend to fall out)
Ethymotic mc3 (on ebay auction 4 days left)

Any guidance as to where I should be headed? Any advice is welcomed and your input as to the above would be very much appreciated since those are in my wallet range

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Help anyone? to help me choose... redface.gif:confused:
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You can try getting the HisoundAudio BA100. There's a 50% discount on them (original price - USD$99) till end of this month. The details are on this link: http://www.head-fi.org/t/684748/hisoundaudio-s-ba-100-challenge-the-multi-drivers-earpphones

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The Klipsch S4i can be found for about $55 if you look hard, these are very good at isolating the surroundings and no sound leakage. I have s4a(android) and were a great purchase

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Thanks i will check them out, it says the discount is if i compare review. Though i'm not an audiophile nor do i know much about technicalities,.. Havent seen any hisound on my searches.
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Yea, i was looking at the klipsch as well, forgot to put them on the list. Thanks for your input.. I liked the reviews for the souls sl99 and vmoda remix remote know if Those two are any good as well?
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The Klipsch S4i is more than 4 years old. I believe there are better IEM's than that for the price range. You are reading reviews of it when it just came out. Better to do a comparison with newer IEM's.


Check this IEM comparison thread by Joker: 



or ClieOS':


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Thanks so much, thats was very helpful of you- and thats why i like forums biggrin.gif

Used this comparison table in the end :

Which helped me decide finally based on the redirected reviews basing on sound, comfortableness, microphonics, build, accessories and isolation and a nice average roundup of all features.

My Last pick- was the Meelectronics M9P model which i got really cheap- was looking for the 21 version but settled for 9 since I'm upgrading from apple earbuds I'm guessing my ears will appreciate the upgrade (anyhow) meanwhile and save for a -better more wallet digging option - later on when ( when theres an actual income).

Hope you're not disappointed! All suggestions where appreciated and taken into consideration.!
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Depends on what kind of sound you want.


The Etymotic you listed is unparalleled as far as noise isolation goes. But it doesn't have a very 'audience-friendly' sound. Its not bass oriented as the general public would want, its more balance and accurate.


The Soundmagic E10M is really really good quality for the price you pay for it. However, due to its hit and miss fit, the isolation leaves something desired. Still, I wouldn't hesitate recommending these solely based on how good a sound they give for the price.


The Klipsch.... well, its the best looking one of the few, and its well made. But it doesn't get your money's worth as far as sound quality goes. Its comfortable though, and with the oval tips it isolates well enough. But I found the sound to be congested and grainy at that. I guess a few particular genres could be enjoyed on the s4, but I still wouldn't recommend it. The klipsch is still one of the better "pop-consumer oriented" brands. It doesn't screw you over as royally as beats/soul, and it is very very comfortable in your ears. But I cannot recommend it for its sound. The sound quality matches that of a 20$ iem. LUCKILY, very often, the klipsch s4 can be found for a 40$. Even at that price I would recommend the Soundmagic E10M, but at that price, you aren't really going wrong with the klipsch.

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That's a very good list :)

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