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Gorgeous new Korg DS-DAC100 : balanced DSD DAC + headphone amp

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Just found this new DSD DAC. No mention of price.










Original Korg page in Japanese:



Google translate says:


Real-time DSD conversion, play with better sound sound usual.


DSD-Analog conversion and real-time DSD conversion is the secret of the high-quality sound reproduction. By using the dedicated software "AudioGate 3", audio files, such as WAV or mp3 in the PC of course, playback is possible by converting to 5.6448MHz/DSD data in real time even and CD. It is realized by the power of the PC conversion to ultra-high quality DSD data that can not be achieved easily as a single unit device hardware to require extensive computing power, pull DAC to maximize the sound information which is recorded in the sound source I will send to. And by converting the analog signal is designed optimally for DSD playback in the "DS-DAC-100", audio playback most ideal is possible. Please realize the difference in the source that I was used to listen everyday.


It supports the DSD file 2.8224MHz, of 5.6448MHz, the native DSD playback.

Korg focused early on to be good / height of the sound quality of the DSD, to adopt the DSD recording format of the recorder of the MR series, and has been highly acclaimed. Data delivery by DSD format will start from leading music distribution sites like e-onkyo music and OTOTOY, USB DAC and also be released from leading audio manufacturers recently, DSD format for audio fans as synonymous with high-quality sound reproduction now be recognized. This USB DAC, had realized the "play by the DSD native DSD data" to maximize the quality possessed by the DSD data is DS-DAC-100. In addition to DSD data of 2.8224MHz, resolution also supports playback of data faithful to the original sound 5.6448MHz higher.

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DS-DAC100 street price will around Yen55,000, ship time will be later in November. 

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They are about 50,000 Yen in Jp.Has anyone had an oppotunity to Audition or purchased from Jp ??


How dose this compare to the Korg ds-dac-10 USB 1-bit DSD DAC which is 20,000 Yen cheaper (-) the looks ?


Thread http://www.head-fi.org/t/632686/korg-ds-dac-10-usb-1-bit-dsd-dac/30

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It uses Cirrus Logic CS4398.


Btw, that design come from War of the Worlds (the aliens, old movie, not 2005).

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Looks like something Dayton Audio might put out in one of their amp designs haa :)

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Peoples impressions of the earlier version weren't too favourable-  nobody seems to have one of these or herd one yet - early days yet !

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Any news about this gorgeous looking device?

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Gear mentioned in this thread:

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