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RIP Lou Reed

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A sad day for rock and roll. His smooth sound and evocative lyrics defined his songs.
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Dead, dead as a door nail ...


I was just the other day reading on The Rolling Stone about his life/times and opinions .


Rip , Lou ...

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He took a walk on the wild side and developed a rock and roll liver. It's amazing how some candles burn out early while others seemingly rock on without a flicker.
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Go easy, Lou. Just played Transformer last week- brilliant album. 

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Just read this news - 0:08 into 28th. It brought a tear to my eye.


We will miss you. RIP, Lou.

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No rocker ever was NY like Lou was.

Guess he and Andy get to be pals again.

"Walk On the Wild Side"?
Naaah! (Though I love that it pops up on elevator pop in Wall Wart. Who edits those things?)

It's almost Halloween -- let's go with "Halloween Parade".

Thanks Lou.
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I am currently watching a documentary on Lou Reed i found on reddit, now i know why it was at the top of the documentary list...

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