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Budget: $200 CAD

Source: MacBook Pro, iPhone 5

Tonal Balance: not quite sure. Something fun to listen to, makes my records sound good.

Current Headphones: Shure SE215 (recently lost), Klipsch S4, Sennheiser MM30i

Music Preference:
Mostly Rock, some Prog Metal, Folk, some EDM and Rap

Looking for: Over the ear cans. IEM get tiresome on long flights, or long times spent listening to music at the computer. Isolation required

With some discounts at I can get the following:
ATH-M50 for $140 all in.
Sennheiser HD280 for $70 all in.
Ultrasone Pro 650 for $175
Ultrasone Hifi 680 for $175
Shure SRH840 for $165

I'm open to suggestions though.

My head is on the bigger side, so too much clamping force might be a turn off.

Thanks guys!
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