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Dear Head-Fi'ers,


First post here so please go steady :)


So I have a pair of Roland CS-10EM and would like to have them going in to a portable soundcard which I have running a raspberry pi setup. The idea being I shall tinker with the audio from the binaural mics before sending it back out to the earphones. Only problem is I cannot get my hands on a portable audio interface with electret/plugin power (Edirol UA-1eX and Cakewalk UA-1G would have sufficed nicely but sadly both are discontinued and seemingly impossible to find in the UK atm).


In short I need a battery-powered electret/plugin power module such as this

...only I need a stereo input for the Roland CS-10EM's obvs.


I realise that these small devices are hardly the epitomy of high fidelity but at this stage I simply need something to get my rig working and show proof-of-concept.


Any help (or indeed UA-1eX or UA-1G you can sale/loan me!) very much appreciated.