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Hey I picked up a pair of wonderful BT headset which I'm so excited about that I needed to post here

Jaybird X water resistant in ear earbuds.  First the battery life blows me away, 10 hours easy!  Next are two issues which may affect the online reviews of these buds.  Fit & Sound -  Let me explain the sound out of this world for their size.  However you must  get the correct sized tips to get the perfect seal.  Now it comes with six tips but I didn't really find joy until I added some Comply Foam Tips then the sound really came out deep bass and clear highs.  Next was the issue of fit.  The design of these bud    can be over the ear or under the ear with or without wings, hang in the front or hang on the back.  The wings help in holding the buds in you ear by adding friction and locking in to the inner wrinkles of your ear.  Its not a new technology and it works very well in my experience.   I love the freedom of choices and the Jays deliver on that. It took me over a week to decide how I would were these long term.  the under ear method no winds is where I started this worked well for talking on the phone but I wanted these for my active life.  Now after a few adjustment tweak I now have the perfect fit. I can barely feel them on my head, and the sound great.  Sometimes while driving I just go one-ear for safety and it still feels great.   So my questions is does any one have the Denon version of these headset and how do you like em?