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For Sale: FS: Ultrasone Pro 2900 Price Drop!

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For Sale:
FS: Ultrasone Pro 2900 Price Drop!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I had both Ultrasone Pro 900 and 2900. Bought the Signature Pro from this site and also sold the Pro 900 on this site. If you are interested please send me a PM. I will consider any series offers. I'm in US but international shipping is negotiable. The 2900 is still very new and it sounds very competitive for its price! DON'T MISS! Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for watching!

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I have a few questions:


1) shipping options and cost to Europe? (Switzerland)

2) purchase date, condition and approx. number of listening hours?

3) still under warranty? warranty transferable to Switzerland? (international warranty?)

4) does it include the following? (standard package in Europe)

- 1x straight cable (3.5mm mini-jack)

- 1x coiled cable (1/4" jack)

- 1x black + 1x silver velvet ear pads

(- test CD)


Thanks in advance for your answers.

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shipping can be somewhere around 30 - 40 bucks. For your reference I shipped a D7000 to Canada and the cost is $40.

Purchased and kept maybe about 6 months. Condition is very good. Used slightly to make beats, comparing to the pro 900, whis is just sold. Everything exept the packaging box will come with the headphone. Both sets of ear pads are black though.
The warranty is 5 years. However I never dealt with it.

Hope this answers your question.
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Thanks very much for your quick reply.

Shipping costs are, well... a deal breaker. :triportsad:

I saw that coming... damn shipping companies  :veryevil:

Thanks again.

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It is what it is. This is just USPS. Other logistic companies such as FedEx or UPS may be even more expensive.

Thanks for your interests though.
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is this still for sale?

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Yes they are still available!
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