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Update: Package received Wed morning, but have been sicker than a dog these last few days. Decided to hook it up quickly...I lost my toslink to mini rca adapter that came with my auzen so running from the standard speaker output. 


I have not ran audessy, just running with Creative software EQ and WOW...sounds amazing! Leauges ahead of that damn class-T amp! The bass is a touch weak without tuning the sub or receiver...but if I kick up the EQ it quickly can become too strong so needless to say as I'm fading back into feeling horribly sick I don't need to worry yet. It sounds amazing! These Pioneer SB21's really sing now..they seem to have such crisper detail and are just so much more pleasant to listen to and I really enjoyed them before.


Onto the headphone output, initially unimpressed. The second you insert the 1/4" to 1/8" adapter the rx detects and goes into headphone mode...but that's a small qualm in all honesty. This output requires more agressive bass tuning just like my E9 does from EQ...I am unsure if the tone or audysee settings will change anything here...I have an HP profile I've been using forever that works a treat. Goes much louder and much clearer at volume so far than my FiiO E9 and amped headphone outputs from the Auzen Forte. It goes to volumes well beyond my comfort level, so I have no issue backing it off. This was with my lightly modded JVC HARX700's. I've never heard them put out such well defined bass at loud volumes. I'm impressed...looking forward to testing my other headphones. So far so good! This option might not be great for those that want to use a flat eq...the resulting sound is flat and lifeless and cold. I'll try to report more as I try the digital options later on, and play with audysee and other settings in the rx itself.


So far, I am happy with my choice! Cheers!

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Awesome! Once you run Audyssey, that will help with tuning the sub and the speakers.

As far as the headphones, good to hear it is driving them well. Now Audyssey MultEQ should not have any impact. Audyssey imposes filters on the speakers and sub based on the measurements at the listening position, so those filters would be wrong for a headphone. Perhaps you will find that the tone controls work. Otherwise, whatever HP EQ profile you have on your computer would be the way to go.
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