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Good call. Well I'm not seeing many other options in that price range. I will see if I can sneak over there after work and give a couple AVR's a try for HP output.


Let's say that the HP output blows...what other options should I look at in accessories4less, amazon, or wherever? Should I give in at that point and get the Maverick or Emotiva?


I kinda feel like going for an AVR or good 2Ch Receiver is my best option...but then again who knows. I just want a solid value that'll do what I need, in the budget I have and be durable. I know it's asking A LOT! lol!

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And one nice thing about an AVR is that you always have the option of turning it into an HT setup by buying additional speakers. Definitely does make it a nice consideration.
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The more I read about the 1612/1613 the more I think it may be worth the extra $$$. Better internals, better quality, the Audyssey EQ stuff (gonna have to read more into it). I might have to find more stuff in my storage unit to sell to make this work! Hmmm...I wish I had more $$$ to play with!


Still no luck finding anyone using these AVR's headphone sections...


The more I read about this unit the more I want it...and you're right I could always turn it into an HT setup in the future.


Buuut let's say the headphone output SUCKS! That's kind of a problem...what would your recommend then? I'm just trying to cover as much ground in the time I have as I can. Thanks again for your continued responses and information!

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I know that the 1612 is a great AVR for the price. It was regularly recommended on AVS forum while it was still in production (I post a lot there). Just don't know anything about the headphone output.

But you have to decide if it meets your needs. If you could keep the FiiO E9 and then run optical or HDMI from your computer to the Denon 1612, then you'd have the best of both worlds smily_headphones1.gif
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Good point. I am teetering on just pulling the trigger on it. The 1613 is only $10 more at that point...anything worth looking into?


I am still leaning towards the 1312, but the more i read about the 1612...the more people are really pushing for it. I could keep the E9...but it'd make life a lot easier on me if I could sell it to recoup some of my loss. At this point I'll be bicycle commuting through winter in Montana lol. But good sound is worth slick roads and a little frostbite! 


I am getting kind of excited...that feeling where I say "hell with it...just get it!" I don't wanna get bit tho. I guess even if I MUST get rid of the E9...I still have the amp circuitry from the Forte...which I just A|B'd my FP connection with the E9, using my Sony XB500's and Iron Buds...really the difference isn't all that much...I might have to break out the rest of them..I know there was a HUGE difference on the JVC HADX3's. To my ears the FP connection has more detail..that's probably in part due to the splitter I've been using to run 2 amps from one output (it's a nice splitter that came with my Turtle Beach HPA2's many years ago). I'm going to keep comparing...maybe the E9's biggest help for me is an external, physical volume control. I suppose I went years without it I could go that way again..or find a way to ensure my Logitech G15 volume controls keep priority. 


I'd need an extension to run most of my headphones and earbuds with the HP Amp output on the card...well except my JVC HARX700, DX3 and Denon D2000's, all those have long enough cables. The Sony's, JVC earbuds, Creative earbuds, Iron Buds all are 3-4ft cables...but all those should run fine off the FP, and my tower is right next to me. Actually atm it's on a shelf that's on the SUB-100. That might need to change when it comes back into action.



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Well I shipped out a message to Denon support today to see what they have to say about headphone outputs on their 1612/1613 AVR's. I'm debating if the $10 increase in the 13 is worth it for the networking, could be handy down the road...but what if by then none of that stuff is even supported...kind of a shame really. I don't need any of those features now...I do like the idea of being able to update the firmware on the 13 myself...buuut how often is firmware released...especially now that it's a discontinued model.


I am excited to play with the EQ stuff too...so many people speak so highly of it. I'm itching to pull the trigger! I am hoping I'll have time to try out one of Denon's E series headphone outputs at my local BB...might not be today. But hopefully Denon will get back to me today.

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Well, you might be a little disappointed, You don't really "play with" Audyssey MultEQ. It's very automatic. Just run the listening tests, and then it does some correction to the response. One nice thing about Audyssey MultEQ over room correction in other entry level receivers is that it also attempts to smooth the subwoofer frequency response. Others only correct the speakers.

But there is learning to do. There are some strategies for getting Audyssey to work optimally, such as knowing how (where) to place the microphone (comes with it) and getting the sub configured well--usually you want the gain set on the sub such that the receiver comes back with a channel level close to 0 db. Then there is this guide which is helpful for understanding and configuring Denon receivers ("batpig" is considered the Denon expert over at AVS forum).
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That's okay, fwir it's worth any hassle to setup and go through. I appreciate the links!


So do you think I should go with the 1612 or is the extra $10 for the 1613 just make more sense? 


No word back from Denon... I am still at work for another hour. Not sure if I'll have time to call them or make it to BB today. I'm almost gonna say hell with it on the headphone output, and just get an AVR coming!... But part of me wants to know this is the right solution for my needs.

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Well made time to stop by the local BB...they had the 1613's replacement the E300 in stock and on display, but this store doesn't hook them up to anything other than power. I did plug my headphones in before finding this out, I heard the internals switch upon detecting headphones and the display also read Headphone Mode. The guy couldn't answer my questions and wanted me to buy a $500-600 Yamaha.


This is getting frustrating on the headphone section of these AVR's or really any of the modern receivers in my price range...

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Nothing back from Denon. But I did find some folks talking about the xx12 and xx13 series powering some 50, 150 and higher ohm headphones with great success. So that makes me feel way better about my decision to go this route...and I may just keep the E9....just in case!


But my next question is should I go with the AVR-1612 or AVR-1613?


The difference is $10 at accessories4less, and while the 13 has a lot of extra stuff...some I may never use...some I may end up using in the future. Just depends...as I plan on keeping this part for the long-term and hope it lasts as this will be my last big purchase for a long time so I want to make sure it's the right one.


So again, your thoughts... Denon AVR-1612 or AVR-1613?

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For $10 difference, seems worthwhile to get the 2013 model.

Meanwhile, it's possible that someone in the AVS forum xx13 model thread might know about the headphone output.
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Thanks man...I'm itching to buy it. I emailed the creator of that thread...I found one guy inquiring about using a pair of D2000's and whether or not he'll need a seperate HP amp...one guy says ya another guy says no...neither states whether or not they actually have tried or own the headphones in question. There needs to be a community driven community thread or database of headphone output reviews and tests (maybe a way with the mic that comes with the unit???) for receivers.


I feel I may need to decide tonight...this issue has consumed way more time than I hoped it would. But I'm also hoping it'll make my purchase that much sweeter sounding.

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The mic that comes with the receivers is designed for the room correction software. Not good for other stuff.

What you need are people that can test the headphone output jack using electronic measuring equipment (I don't know what kind it has to be) to take measurements to determine the power output limits at various impedance. That's not something the average person can do. Given that there are so many AVRs, and new models every year, it would be impractical to try to build a database for that. Would be nice if the manufacturers would post the specs, though, since they know smily_headphones1.gif
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Well I guess it comes down to do it or not...hmmm. If I didn't listen to headphones so much it'd be half way here by now.


To go for it..or not to go for it. I may need a quarter flip! LOL.

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I read some more on headphones + receivers...seems even between yay and nay. 1613 ordered. Will do my best to report back once I figure out how to fit this beast on my desk when it shows up! Thanks for the help!

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