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Changing my EX510LP for SE215?

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Hi! I own a Sony EX510 (and have owned a EX310) which I want to replace because these one are broken. I like how they sound and I'd like to get a new IEM with a bit more bass too. I found the SE215, is it a good choice? I love the design, looks comfortable (I sleep with my IEM so I need them to be low profile), isolates great, and the cable can be replaced (which is awesome) and it's seems to be one of the best for the price. I'll be using it on my iPhone 5 mainly. I mostly listen to rock, metal, djent, all kinds of stuff. (linkin park, papa roach, rise against...)



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What kind of sound signature do you like?

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I don't really know how to answer that. I like clarity and bass (not beats by dr dre bass...), a big soundstage...
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These are some of my suggestions, best to check out the IEM's appreciation thread to know more about what users are telling about them.


  1. Vsonic GR07BE - I just auditioned them today after hearing so much about them but the shop had only the GR07MkII version, they are one of the best IEM's I ever heard.
  2. TDK BA200 - Well rated here
  3. T-Peos H-100. I bought this one. It has excellent bass and treble extension but I really didn't like it's very 'V' shaped signature.
  4. Hifiman RE-400 - Well rated here but today I auditioned the Hifiman RE-0 which is supposed to have the same sound profile as RE-400. It was horrible in my opinion. There was absolutely no bass. They call this analytical.
  5. HisoundAudio B100 - I'm about to order this. Supposed to be good value for money. If you order this through Head-fi, you get a 50% discount until the end of this month. Here's the link on how to get it: http://www.head-fi.org/t/684748/hisoundaudio-s-ba-100-challenge-the-multi-drivers-earpphones
  6. Future Sonic Atrio M5 - I managed to audition them today too (among the 6, I got to auditioned today). I loved it. People say they are for bassheads but for me I liked it far better than anything I tried except for the GR07MkII


Hope this helps :)

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Thanks for you relpy.

So the Vsonic GR07BE seems good but I can't find it in France, so that's kind of a problem.

TDK BA200 seems really good but costs 170€, that's 230USD, so too much for me...

T-Peos H-100 : I like V shaped sound (but not too much, I like warm sound too) and they doesn't have the "form factor" I like...

Future Sonic Atrio M5 : seems good but I don't like the "form factor" and they are also not available in France

So what you think about the SE215 (available in France for 100€ ($125))?

And one of the reasons I like the Shure one I can change the cable (I like them to last more than 1yr...), and the noise isolation seem awesome.

And I don't need too much bass. Just what I should hear, but more than my EX510...

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One reason I didn't consider the BA200 was because of it's price. You can order GR07BE from lendmeurears.com, Singapore. I think they charge $5 for shipping. The SE215 for $125 seems like a good buy but I would still go for the GR07

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Can you tell me if the GR07 are comfortable? Could you sleep with them for example? And how is the noise isolation ?
I think I'll go for the bass edition, it's very good reviewed !
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Gr07 has a low profile so sleeping with them should not be a problem. Isolation is decent using their stock tips. I'm comfortable with using them since I'm too lazy to try other tips.

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The reason I chose the T-Peos over the GR07's was because I didn't like the over the ear design. When I auditioned the GR07, they had better fit and comfort (not to forget, better SQ) than the T-Peos and won't be an issue (the side profile is sleeker than the SE215) to sleep with them. Just wish I got those GR07's.

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OK, then I'll go for the GR07BE! Lendmeurears offers free shipping on Vsonic items! Thanks!

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Are you taking the GR07 Bass+ GR06 bundle or just the GR07 alone? I ordered the T-peos from them.

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I ordered only the GR07 bass, that's 100€ ($125).
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Wow! Thank you sooo much for telling me about the GR07 ! I received them today : they are amazing!! Thank you zamorin!!

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I just ordered the GR07BE today :)

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