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Replacement cable for um3x

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Hello everyone!

I need an advice in choosing a nice looking $30-70 replacement cable for Westone um3x rc.
I've heard that SPC is the best solution to make them sound more clear with "better" bass while not too harsh in highs as it might be with pure silver. So basically there's a choice between Fiio rc-wt1 and Effect audio Crystal and maybe some DIY and eBay options.
The price of Fiio's one is unbeatable and it looks thicker than Crystal. On the other hand, there was some buildung quality complaints. Not much has been said about sound quality though. Also, Fiio's connectors are quite ugly (who decided to create a cable with huge light grey connectors in the world of black/clear/multicolored IEMs/CIEMs?!)

So, which of these two would be better??? Or maybe someone can recommend a significantly better cable fitting my price range?
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SPC cables are a good choice but доставка будет слишком дорога, Если тебе не срочно wait until december for cosmic ears cable. Oбойдётся примерно в 1000 рублей с доставкой. Все Равно разница между кабелями минимально.

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Wow. This one definitely fits the "nice-looking" criteria.


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