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For Sale:
Monster Turbine Pro In-Ear Speakers Monitors (IEMs) (Repair/Parts)

Will Ship To: United Kingdom or Europe

Monster Turbine Pro In-Ear Speakers Monitors (IEMs)



I am selling these because I believe they may have developed a fault in the right speaker.  I feel that it has less volume than before and that it may be a problem with either the wire or the speaker itself.  I have just tried them again now and am still not sure whether it is my own hearing (I occasionally have poor hearing in one or both ears) or the phones themselves.  But I do notice this more with these phones than with others I own.  I would try to repair them but alas I do not have the tools, skills or time.  I also would have sent them to Monster under warranty but I do not have proof of purchase as they were a present.


I know there are people on here who have the skills to fix these kinds of problems so would rather these phones went to someone who could potentially fix them than that they sat in a drawer unused.


They come with all the added extras (see photo).  Including loads of extra tips (from Supertips and others - unused).  A cable adaptor for plugging into a full size stereo.  the original box, two cases, and a cleaning cloth.


Any questions please ask.  Can post to UK and Europe and will consider US if people are interested but I don't know the postage costs.

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