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Rega DAC + ? + Q701

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After being underwhelmed by my Grant Fidelity TubeDac's sound and performance (especially now that it's stopped working and needs repair), i'm wanting to replace it.


My source is generally a macbook and 16/44. I already have a Rega Brio Amp and Rega Jura Loudspeakers and given everything I've read about the Rega DAC, I believe it's a good choice for me and my taste: more musical and analog than super hifi and analytical.


I have AKG Q701s.


My question is primarily: what headphone amp would be a great choice in this combo?


Matrix M-Stage seems safe and reasonably priced.


Rega Ear is another option, similar price and keeps everything by the same name.


Would I gain that much by going higher end? (Rhinelander, Ray Samuels)




I'm not a super critical listening audiophile and wonder at what point I'd cease to tell the difference. But I can certainly say that I've not yet been able to get the sound I used to love from my Rega Planet 2000 CPD. I'm hoping the Rega DAC will do that.

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i use Schiit Lyr with my AKG K-701, and like the combo. The bass tightens up, the soundstage gets a face lift of sweet defineness....But i must admit that even with this powerfull little amp, i stll find the headphone are missing some low frequencies response for rock music...works well with chamber music and great with acoustic guitar stuff though...

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