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hello everyone. im looking for some new headphones to replace my family dollar Panasonic's.  I mostly used my headphones for computer movies and youtube. also have been listening to some music again on my new used nano...mixture of blues, hip hop, little bit of everything.  I use my current headphones a lot. at least 6-8 hours a day. wife likes to blast the tv so I just keep them in when im back here with her. so here's what im looking at.


i need something that has some noise cancellation.  i like my in ears pretty far in my ear. cant do on ear or over ear, aggravates my head where my glasses are. also something that gona hold up a a disabled vet so money is a issue.. 75 would be good but less better.


my 2 favorites im liking right now are the m-duo and the hifiman 400...i like the lower price of the m-duo and have read all the reviews on here. i also set my equalizer the v like setup the m-duo is set up like.  my one concern is i read some people need a amp to get the m-duos the push decent.. that would have to be a next month purchase and maybe a deal breaker.


but the hifiman sounds like a good deal also...anything will be way better then what im using now.. i just want something decent,, a crisper sound with some bass..nothing crazy just good sound.


ive never researched headphones before. theres a lot to look into.