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       Wasup guys, this is CCXR594's intro thread, just going to go over my as of yet relatively scrawny gear set up. I really finally realized that music is only as good as what you're listening to it with the summer before last and went ahead and bought some Sony XB500's from my local Best Buy after safely concluding that they were head and shoulders above any headphone's I'd previously listened to including all the Dre models available for comparison on display. They certainly had more bass, along with being more comfortable and being waaaaay clearer. However, due to the notoriously large size and lack of strong isolation (as I found out on a plane ride), I decided that some good IEMs were needed. 

      That pretty much brings us to right here, as I sit with some blue Shure SE-215Ltd's plugged into my noggin. By my choices, you can tell that I like bass a touch more than the other elements of the sound spectrum, but my ways are beginning to change. When scoping out the 215's, I really was taking note of how bad people were pointing out iPod touch's amps were, so after some research I bought a FiiO E07K to go along with my new source of delight. That was one of the best things I could've done in my opinion. This little doodad has really improved my listening experience, and also presented a way to bypass the broken aux jack on the iPod. I'm pretty new to the fancy audiophile speak, so not really sure how to describe what it makes me think of.

      Anyway, really looking for a quite balanced new set of cans to be bought around X-Mas, mainly because I currently have the EQ on the amp coming out of my laptop at +6 treble. Also looking into some open cans because I'd love to experience a wide soundstage, considering that with these IEMs it's decent, but all trapped in my head. It play's around all inside of it, but really want to know what stuff sounds like set free. As it stands, I'm looking rather intensely at the AKG Q701. It seems to be everything I'm looking for and stands smack dab in the middle of what I'd be willing to pay for.

      Mainly listen to EDM and classic rock, but punk and rap make a sizeable part of my music collection too. I'd love to get into some good classical, but not sure where to start.