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Wyred4Sound DACs and OSX Mavericks (Just say NO for now...)

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Installed OSX Mavericks this week, and it won't communicate with my Wyred4Sound DAC 2.  Contacted Wyred4Sound, they don't have a driver yet for Mavericks.  


They said it won't be too long, but for now, my DAC2 is a paperweight.

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I wonder how many other DACs are affected by Mavericks?
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Originally Posted by lextek View Post

I wonder how many other DACs are affected by Mavericks?

Well, my Bryston BDA-2 is A-OK with Mavericks. Likely USB 2.0 support. Actually, I upgraded from the W4S DAC-2 a few months back. Another reason I'm glad I did I suppose. But I'm sure W4S will have a new driver out soon.

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My DAC2se ( USB 2.0 ) works fine with Mavericks, Per W4S is the older DAC2's 


The others DAC's :  Chord I know is not working and has a comment on their website under news.

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Update: received this morning--


We hope that your day is off to a good start and wish you a wonderful weekend.

Your patience throughout this matter is greatly appreciated and we are deeply sorry for this inconvenience. The release of the new drivers has been delayed much longer than we expected and than we initially advised when you contacted us. In this instance the problem stemmed from the aspect that we do not develop the drivers internally and rely on a 3rd party. Fortunately we have just received an update from the developers and the driver is now working very well and nearly complete. The last obstacle is one that should not be an issue but must be overcome nonetheless. It is related to the global sign certificate that is attached to the driver for recognition by the OS. This recognition process should be a slam dunk but the new OSX is not cooperating. Although this is currently delaying the release, it is a minor issue and the team is already in contact with the appropriate parties to correct it.

I truly hope to that the next email will include drivers so that you can get back to enjoying your music. Thank you again for your patience and support.

Best Regards,
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Thanks for the update! I only wish I'd seen this thread before I upgraded to mavericks😭
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A Mavericks beta driver has been released.  It's on the wyred4sound web site.

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Great! Thanks for the update!
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Reeltime, were you able to get the drivers to work? I installed them on my MacBook Pro, but I'm unable to select the Dac2 as my output device.
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I haven't tried it yet, but there are some instructions.  Here's the letter I received:



Follow the link below to download the BETA driver for the latest Mac OSX. We are currently aware of one issue which comes in the form of static when starting tracks in iTunes or Pure Music. The static is more common when first starting a track or switching between sampling rates. Initial testing shows that Integer mode is now available and when used with Audirvana Plus, the static is non-existent. 

IMPORTANT: The new driver should be installed with the DAC-2 USB disconnected and with the old driver still in place. If you have already removed the old driver and have an error during installation, please re-install the 10.7-10.8 driver and then install the BETA driver.

If you identify any additional behavior that does not seem normal please let me know at your earliest convenience. We will be releasing the formal driver as soon as possible. Your patience throughout this matter is greatly appreciated. 


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I've been communicating with Clint of W4S over the last week, trying to find a way to get the drivers to work on my MacBook Pro. It sounded like several other users were also having difficulty selecting the DAC2 as the output device, and/or experiencing distortion when the drivers were used. Anyway, long story short, they've developed a new beta release that appears to have addressed these problems! Now I'm back to enjoying my DAC2 and couldn't be happier :) 

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Yes, the new driver is great.  Works.. kinda like the old one!

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