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Loud Pops and crackles when using wasapi in 24 bit

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Hi all,

I'm having a bit of a problem with using Wasapi in 24 bit with the latest foobar version.

I'm running windows 7 64bit on a newer machine, allocated for music only. 4 GB RAM. I checked latency with the DPC latency tool and it is constant at about 100, so it's really low. Most of my files are FLAC, 60% of them are 16/44 and the rest are native 24/88 and 24/96 from HDTracks. No DSP's are enabled.

There are constant crackles and pop noises when I manually advance from one song to another via the "next" or "back" buttons on foobar, or when a song is in progress and I forward or go back in the seek bar, or when I manually click on a different song while one is playing. It does not happen say if I let the song finish and the next one comes on either in order or in shuffle mode. These pops only occur when I select 24 bit in the Output Format. 

When I use 16 bit, the pops are gone completely. I also tried increasing the file buffering to 700,000 to play from RAM but that did not help.

I tried setting the "Fade on seek", "Fade out", and "Fade on pause" all to "0" milliseconds while in 24 bit. This reduced the pops by about 70% when advancing to another song, and it got rid of them completely when moving forward or backward in the song with the seek bar on top.

I understand the general consensus of 16 vs 24 bit not presenting an audible difference. I would still like to solve this problem, if possible. Also, I am not doing any upscaling, just trying to play files at their native resolution. 

Thank you in advance for the help!! 

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I figured it out...


For those who might run into the same problem, there is hope:


I was running an older version of Wasapi and was not aware that a new one was released not too long ago.  The new one fixed all these bugs and I get not more pops or crackles.  There are two modes in which the new version can be run in, event driven and push.  I am running in event mode. This new version is totally cool, for a while there I thought maybe there was something wrong with my system.


Also, I can not be completely sure, but I'm pretty sure the sound opened up a bit also.  I like it.


Here is more information:





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