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For Sale: Shure SE535-V Bronze

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Shure SE535-V Bronze

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hello! I have a pair of Shure SE535 Bronze IEM that have been very well taken care of were very lightly used. They look like they are brand new.  I have all the included paperwork, box, and accessories.  All of the tips are also included.  I really have liked these but I am moving on to Over-the-Ear headphones.


I am also willing to negotiate on price.


I have attached some pictures of everything included.  I am a new headfier and seller, I put a post-it note with my username and date.






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Just changed my pictures.  I accidentally uploaded pictures of my Sennheiser Momentum. Sorry!

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I've sent a PM.

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Did these sell?

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Many offers but not sold yet.
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How does $235 sound?
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Please send offers through pm.
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radio silent for almost a week now.  :triportsad:

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Haven't got a reply since oct 29.

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