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Just received our new shipment for the PS1000 from Grado Brooklyn!  Bring your own source and demo it along with Grado's other signature headphones and earphones like GR10, SR325, SR225, SR125, SR80, SR60. 


(taken from the store)


We also just received our shipment of HifiMAN headphones including the HE-400, RE-400.  Thhe HM-901 Player with updated battery was shipped today from China directly to us so for those waiting for the latest batch you can grab one from our store or from our website.  Other brands available for demo include V-MODA (including vamp verza), Etymotics, Audio-Technica, Tivoli, Geneva.



Here are some current promo and upcoming events (following our last Retail Launch with HiFiMAN)


1) We are running a promo, check in at our store and receive a free Lightning Cable for your iPhone 5/5S, iPad Mini/Air, or a dual USB charger adapter.




2) Upcoming Retail Launch with Grain Audio a week before Thanksgiving.  Meet the team behind the brand that combines design aesthetics with sound quality.




3) 15% off Camera Sale at store and online, use coupon [ camera15 ] until October 31st.


To get the latest promo and events, follow us on facebook at or via subscribing to our newsletter at!  AC Gears is New York's premier tech/lifestyle shop with a different kind of hands-on shopping experience, so you can try the gear before you buy.  Online orders over $75 gets free shipping and all products carry a 1 year in-store warranty.  Phew, this is a long post.  Let us know if you have comments or questions!  



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