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I type this during the 4th or 5th show and I am sorry but I cannot believe this group of 8 to 12 year old kids have the "talents" they show. The show I am currently watching has the kids cooking in a restaurant kitchen serving a lunch. First off I am a former cook with quite a few years behind the line and know what goes on, I am surprised these kids are not injuring themselves just due to the nature of age group. I restaurant kitchen is a place that is fraught with equipment, slippery floors, sharp knives, and other dangers that children normally don't consider. I hate to stereotype but children of this age are more inclined to be more in a hurry than thinking about teamwork or safety. I am also amazed at the knowledge of these kids. I am not saying it's impossible to learn at a very young age but come kid made her parents wedding cake at 8!? They showed a 9yo that said she has been "cooking" for 6 years....what can a 3yo cook? I just think there is a lot more behind the scenes here.