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5 years ago I bought my first pair of earbuds they where the Covy cve91. I don t know if anyone have the same experience but this earphones was the best noise isolating earphone I ve ever tried. also a lot better than the sennheiser cx 300, I remember that I can not hear anything from the outside because of the deep insertion. The sound was very good for the price. 2 years later,  tiered of trying awful earphone I decide to buy the same covy earphones that have broke in the plug, they where not so durable. In the store I found that covy cve91 came with a new cheaper packaging, I thought it only change the packaging so I decided to buy.. When I tried this earphones they where not the same us the older ones. These new Covy cve91 where extremely awful, If I knew how they are I would not buy it even if it were $1. they don t have any noise isolation I mean any.. the design apparently is the same but I think they change the nozzle it was less long than the previous and the plastic was very cheap. Unfortunately I lose the broken earphones. What a pitty Covy have done this.

Does anyone had the same experience with this earphones?.

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