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Begginer asking for advice

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Hello . I want ask some stupid questions about "HI-FI" :) . So my current setup is Asus xonar DS (ordered opa2227PA) and Gaming headset sennheiser pc320 . Im willing to spend 200$(for now) for some real sound (if possible) . The question is should i buy dac or amp (or both maybe?) or spend the money for a real good phones and later buy dac/amp . The second newb question is do i really need amp dac or can take advantage of good phones without.. The sound will be used for music - Mostly classic rock , dance , hip hop . Tnx in advance fellas :)

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I'm assuming your a gamer, as well as listing to music on your computer?

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I will keep this pc320 too so gaming is not a issue. Im looking for music phones :)

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I would say to sell off the Xonar DS and PC320 headphones.

Get the Creative Labs SB-Z (Sound Blaster Z, SB1500), $100 and the Sennheiser HD558 headphones, $130.

That would improve gaming and music quality.


Chances are the Xonar DS's front Speaker/headphone output has a high impedance (Ohms), which among other things, can give headphones a bloated (louder, less detailed) bass.

Chances are the SB-Z 22-Ohm headphone output impedance is a fair bit lower then the Xonar DS's.

The SB-Z's CS4398 DAC chip :) would be better then the Xonar DS's DAC chip.

The SB-Z comes with a microphone.


The Sennheiser HD558 would for sure beat the PC320s in audio quality, and chances are could at least roughly equal the PC320s in surround sound.

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It will depend on what you want.  You won't get the most out of your music with a gaming headset, though I have heard that the PC320 is not a terrible choice.


A DAC and Amp that is separate from your computer will at least marginally improve the clarity of your music, as it will remove the music processing from the electrically noisy environment that is all PC cases.  You may not hear the interference, but it is there at some level.


That said, your largest improvement in music quality may come from some dedicated music headphones.  One potential issue I see here is the fact that your Xonar DS does not have a built in headphone amplifier.  That's not to say that you won't get enjoyment out of a pair of headphones that would normally be run with one; but you won't get the full experience of the headphones and may be left feeling that a very good pair of headphones aren't worth it (when they are if driven properly).


On the headphone front, are you looking for open (wider soundstage, leaks sound in both directions) or closed (smaller perceived soundstage, greater bass impact but bass could bleed into mids, noise isolation) headphones?  There are some good options, both that benefit from an amp and that don't necessarily need one, in your price range, but narrowing it down to a type would likely help those recommendations.

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Thanks for the good explanation liquidzoo . I think i will bet on closed phones . Later on (maybe in 2 months) i will buy an amp (or may be now if we fit in this budget) .

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Some that come to mind:


Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro

Audio Technica ATH-M50

V-Moda Crossfade LP

Beyerdynamic DT770-32 Ohm (slightly over your $200 budget on Amazon right now)

Sennheiser HD380 Pro (possibly the closest sound to your existing headset)

Shure SRH840

Ultrasone HFI-780


Open, but excellent price on Amazon right now:

Sennheiser HD 598

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What about koss prodj100 and sony mdr 7506?

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