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I realized that I should have asked this here rather than the Intro forum.


I have an E12 and an Alo National en route as my portable amp solutions - but I have realized that i want a portable with a juicier, more tubey sound: warm, velvet, lush, rich midrange.    I dont care if I cannot use this amp while on the go - I'd like something that I can stuff into a messenger bag or a carryon bag and use while waiting in airports, on flights, in coffee shops, etc.


Sources presently are DX50 and X3.  I may spring for an AK100 later, if it is worth it.


Headphones - again, presently I plan to use this with Momentums, BT990 Pro (ordered) and Shure SE535s, which are my travel 'cans.    I will likely also be adding another open headphone to my travel arsenal - most likely a Philips X1.


Music - a lot of classical symphonies with side orders of rock, metal, jazz, techo/house and occasional hip-hop.


Can anyone recommend such a beastie?   Continental V3?   Pan Am?   Anything else?   The closer to the sound of a single-ended triode amp, the better!