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The returnpolicy deadline is long gone, and i am still sporting my TMA-1 X.


Just want to share this I read on Aiaiais Facebook page. This is an answer to a customer about the driver difference between the tma-1 DJ and tma-1 studio. I dont know how to link to it so good old fashioned copy/paste.




AIAIAI HI ......... great to hear you bought the studios. The look is the same as the TMA-1 DJ because they are part of the same family. There is quite a difference though, firstly and most importantly in the sound. The TMA-1 DJ uses a titanium coated driver which gives it the warm deep and punchy bass. The Studio doesn't have this and is therefore much more balanced and neutral making it perfect for referencing.



The TMA-1 X is not advertised with titanium coated driver, so I think thats why they sound more like the Studios.. But I still think the bass is just lovely... I am gonne be careful talking about the sound since these phones is the only one ive used since november/desember... But they have quite a large sound stage compared to other DJ phones ive used in the past... Really light and comfy to wear...


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I wish I had money...
Back to a question, can you swap the pads out for the studio pads etc?
I just find over ear headphone much more comfortable
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I hounestly dont know if the earpads are removable, itsthemonster. I havent tried to remove them...


The size of the pads is the same diameter as the sennheiser hd 25 or Akg k518 dj. I dont have any others AIAIAI to compare with, and ive never looked thoroughly at the removable pads of the TMA-1 dj/studios..


According to threads here on head-fi, the TMA-1 dj and studio is fitting eachother..


Either this thread:



or this thread:



closeup bad pic of the right earpad of my TMA-1 x:


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Oh well that's fine I guess. I don't really mind flat pads (like the b&w p5) as long as they're squishy smily_headphones1.gif
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These look to be uncomfortable... just saying... ;-)

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No gelocks, actually for my small head they are very comfy. Think Koss PortaPro, AIAIAI Tracks, Sennheiser PX 200-II etc. But with better sound. This comes with a  isolation penalty though. I prefer the DJ on ear design for outside around town/traveling.. And I have a small head and they are glued to my head. 


Ill make my wife wear them for a few hours and report back. She doesnt like my on ear taste and gets the DJ headphones headache/clamping pain... She prefers in ears type...

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Another review of the tma-1 x. More "audiophile" this time. They also mention these with the (not so) Young Gurus and studios. Soundisolation also get a mentioning.. 



At the end of the tma-1 dj thread here, you can see people with old tma-1 djs that have tried new ones, say that the new ones have a new sound signature. 



I am awaiting a pair of tma-1 dj Carthart Edition. Grey ones. They are lying above the artic circle in Tromsø. For you Americans, thats north of Alaska. I have to wait awaile before i recieve them, but for 50 dollars I think its worth it.


Say within a month or two ill have a chance of comparing them..


Yes, and my DJ headphone hating wife likes my AIAIAIs.. Think they are comfy, but she is still prefering in ears...

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I also am a fan of my TMA-1 X. Copped my pair @ a sunday open Hifi klubben in Tromsø just before christmas. I was actually there for the TMA-1 DJ, but  they only had 1 X in stock.  They did grow on me for regular listening after first thinking they were a bit to thin in the sound department. After a good settling period they shined. As a DJ I can concur they are less than optimal for that particular use. Tromsø is fairly quiet so the not-so-good-isolation isn't really a problem wandering around either.


I really like them, but now in lack of a good DJ-headphone, where are those TMA-1 DJ carhartt editions stashed Bagobones? ;)

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Another TMA-1 X owner, AND one in my birth town.. I am not alone.. :)


chribruu, mine is awaiting pickup on Kvaløysletta (the WhaleIslandplane, thats the name of the place translated to english, hahaha), and I got them demo used, so 300 kr i payed. But they where bought in the skateboard shop in Storgata new for 499,- noks.. Special nice price, so run chribruu, that should be about half price of what you payed for your TMA-1 X...

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That is super-duper-special-nice-price I must admit! You mean at Badlands which if i'm not mistaken is about to cease existing?

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Storgata 97

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Hoi. Crazy. Thanks a bunch for the tip!

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Phew.. . It took some sweet time before I actually got to go there and do it. Went to the shop today to no avail. But they still had it in the webshop. Just ordered online from 50-50 now and it was the LAST pair. You can tell since your link now returns a 404. Så det va på fetthåret as they say in french. Did you get yours? I have heard them before, but only briefly by some DJ-friends who was here playing @insomnia festival.



Since this thread is primarly about the TMA-1 X; Still love 'em! ;)

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Cool! You made it! Mine came from a friend who had them for testing for a few months, then sold them to me. I dont know if she got them actually from the store in Tromsø or online.. Glad it worked out for you..


Mine is going to stay in Kvaløysletta until springbreak, but ive heard them alot lately. I like them. They are not as versatile as the tma1-x. More tuned for electronic music. Better isolation. More bass, but for you and DJing they should be perfect.. Be aware, if you have a small head. They are a loose fit on the head.


Nice french there, buddy... :)


My tma-x and my lumia 920 is still my goto portables, and I have no complaints here.. Been dumping snow, now turned rain, and they seem to handle the crap weather well.. Heading for some beachlife in south africa in a few weeks, so then we will see how they handle surf, travle and tropical summer... Rough backpack handling.. haha..

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