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Good home theater

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Hello, i was looking for a Home theater section but there isnt so im posting this here i hope you guys can help me !


i have the panasonic home theater SCPT760 which is 6 years old and im thinking about buying a new one (because i think it will be better quality)


i want it to play PS3, PS4 and Movies in blu ray in a LG 42¨LN5400 led 1080p 120hz


and these are the ones im looking right now:


Lg BH6830SW for 380 dlls :




Logitech Z906 300 dlls:





i THINK i dont need a full home theater since the ps3 and ps4 are both blu ray and my tv is not 3d or anything, anyway my budget is 400$ max.


What do you recomend me for games and movies (maybe music too) 


it can be anything from Amazon or BestBuy.com 



Please guys, help me !! im such a noob in this.


Thanks :)

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If you want good a good audio upgrade do not buy in the same class of quality to upgrade. You are buying Home theaters in a box which in general you can find on amazon and in best buys stores. These are usually terrible and you can get much better quality for only a little more $.  First look into a good receiver I recommend Denon AVR 1312. you can find these cheap and this will be the base of you system. Next get some decent stereo fronts. I recommend Polk audio. Newegg.com has these. then get center channel and surrounds. These are the least important component in the system IMO. Then sub woofer. Look on ebay for acoustic audio subwoofers you can get some for less than 100 and they will be a great value. use Monoprice.com for cabling.  Whatever you do do not buy HTIBs again if you want a true upgrade. Building a good system is like building a PC, you buy the best components and put them together. You can buy a PC complete already but it will be a lesser value then if you were to research and build your own. 


P.S this is generally a Headphone site not really home theater. I suggest Audio Karma or Bluray.com forums for more help.

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